How to do a review, blogger style

There are a couple steps to follow when doing a reivew for a blog.

  1. Make sure that you only have experience with older, previous versions.
  2. Give either glowing praise, or seething condimanation, nothing in-between shall be accepted.
  3. Don’t be specific about your reasoning.
  4. When you make a factual error, and you get called on it, explain that it’s “not what you meant”.
  5. When presented with counter-points and specifics, explain your opinions as “feelings”.
  6. Blogs are opinions, so you don’t really need to be precise and analytical anyway.
  7. Dismiss disenting opinions as “not understanding what you mean”.
  8. Opposers obviously have less experience than you, so ignore them.

This is one way in how you become sort of a big deal.

Edit: It should be noted, that I am NOT talking about Syncaine here. I merely linked to him because it’s a similar post.

Stepford or Beaver

leave-it-to-beaverAll communities have the quirks and foibles. Whether it’s your physical neighborhood, your poker buddies, or the group of players across the network of computers we call the internet. Any gathering of people is going to have it’s cliques, and Karen’s. As communities get larger, the divisions of groups do as well. We learn this behavior from an early age, just look to high school. My school experience was actually fairly clique free (or maybe just I was), but there were still obvious groups of people who shared a similar attitude. We had jocks, and preps, nerds, beautiful people, everything in between, and everything outside of it. My experience showed that many people crossed groups frequently, and we all cohabited in relative peace and happiness. I would say that is a good measure of a healthy community. People from different segments are still able to venture into “foreign” territory, and still find enjoyable and welcoming environments. The problems arise when this type of cross-over does not result in a welcome reception.

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Hero Design Requests

I want to learn, just in case I ever meet her.

I want to learn German, just in case I ever meet her.

Any heroes you want to see made in CO? Have a crazy idea, but aren’t playing the game? Just want to see how creative I can be with the creator? Leave a comment with a request, and I’ll see what I can do about making the hero, and posting a screen-shot of it for you. Great weekend activity me thinks. Be as detailed or vague as you like. Feel free to use existing character references, or just general concepts. Don’t go easy on me, remember, this is a VERY robust and dynamic system.