You feel better now?

Free retcon.

I have to hand it to Cryptic, every time the bungle something, and they really bungle crap up, they have been very fast to correct the problem. Props to them.


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2 Responses to You feel better now?

  1. Castamere says:

    Well, they were fast to say they are correcting the problem but not fast on implementation. Unless they’ve patched it in while I’ve been at work the latest word is they have no ETA on when a free retcon system can be in place. From the sounds of things it seems almost as if they never intended for free retcons and now they have to quickly create and test a system.

    Still it’s good news that it’s in the pipe – I’ll take my victories where I can get ’em. Hopefully it comes out before the whole Blood Moon shindig.

    • shadowwar says:

      Yeah, I was surprised that they didn’t already have one in place, except from reports of closed Beta, they had given out free respecs there. Perhaps the problem comes out in giving the retcon selectively.


      On the plus side, everything they have said they were going to do, they have done. It’s the things they do that they DON’T tell us about that seems to be problematic.

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