I’m home.

I want to play Champions, but I can’t.

Okay, how about the message boards, maybe I can cruise them a bit before the wife gets home.


Grumble, grumble.

And I just found out that my 6-month special subscription will not be a recurring deal, like everyone had led me to believe. If nothing else, this game has been a roller-coaster of emotions.


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10 Responses to Grrrrr

  1. Tyrhoor says:

    Let me know when the emotional roller-coaster comes to an end… WAR burned me out on emotional trauma.

    But when the dust settles in Champions… I gotta suit up and smash some henchman face.

    • shadowwar says:

      It’s really not that bad. More just frustration at not being able to play when I want to play. Really, I knew the 6 month $60 deal was too good to be for more than just one interval. I had asked about it on the boards, and people were telling me that it DID repeat, so my (assumedly) confirmed expectations did not match reality. As we all know, when expectations and reality conflict…

      This has still been one of the smoothest launches of any MMO I have ever played. Makes WAR look like a joke in comparison, and that doesn’t even begin to touch on the bug differential.

  2. razsk says:

    I was messing with renaming CO exe files in an attempt to make run under Nvidia 3D Stereographic Vision while they took they took the server down. So I assumed I had messed up my installation and reinstalled CO before I realized it was due to emergency maintainance. Doh!

    They might choose to sell discounted 6 month subs again when “Going Rogue” is ready to hit the shops.

  3. canazza says:

    If you ever find the servers and the site down, you can go on IRC ( to #championsonline – there’s usually a dev or two in there you can get info from.

    • shadowwar says:

      Nice, I did not know that. Now I just need to install an IRC client. I haven’t used one since I was a freshman in college!

  4. pitrelli says:

    Hmm the 6 month deal being a one off sucks a bit although the way Cryptic have handled things nothing would surprise me if they change their mind.

    The fact my MMO group of friends dropped the bombshell that they just aint interested in playing CO has put me in a bit of a dilema, do I just up and leave with them or do I suck it up and venture in alone. I’ll most probably buy the game next month and see how it goes.

    • shadowwar says:

      It sucks leaving behind groups of friends and guilds, but I tend to do it anyway. I see it like this, if all my friends were going to a movie that I did not want to see, or that I had already seen and didn’t want to see a second time, I wouldn’t go with them. I hope they enjoy it, but I’ll stay at home or do something else.

      The biggest thing I would miss if I dropped my WAR sub would be the community. They really are the best group of people I have ever played with, on both sides. The only complaint I have about the server architecture (or lack thereof) in CO is that it doesn’t foster as much of a community. Being segmented into different groups helps to build an atmosphere of recognition in a game.

  5. pitrelli says:

    Yeah its more because its my real life friends and those who first got me interested in MMOs thats my main gripe.

    The WAR community was one of the things I actually enjoyed about the game and I have promised a few of my mates I’ll give it another try at some point so I guess it could be down to CO or WAR as my secondary MMO with WoW remaining my main for the moment… Damn blizzard for introducing Worgen 🙂

  6. Castamere says:

    I had to end up reinstalling the game due to their database noob screwing up. If they knew that trying to login during the whole debacle would result in trying to fix the mispatched files resulting in a 1GB patch download they should have just closed the patch server altogether until things were hunky dory again…

    Why am I getting the distinct impression of an abused spousal relationship growing between myself and Cryptic?

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