I’m home.

I want to play Champions, but I can’t.

Okay, how about the message boards, maybe I can cruise them a bit before the wife gets home.


Grumble, grumble.

And I just found out that my 6-month special subscription will not be a recurring deal, like everyone had led me to believe. If nothing else, this game has been a roller-coaster of emotions.

You feel better now?

Free retcon.

I have to hand it to Cryptic, every time the bungle something, and they really bungle crap up, they have been very fast to correct the problem. Props to them.

I said I would, so I am

Slurms, our favorite party slug, asked for it. So here I am, giving him some of it.

Screenshots that is, of Champions. I took a fair amount over the last couple of days, mostly of myself because I’m a narcissist like that, but I’m here to highlight some of the diversity of the character creator. All of my creation’s in this instance will be all erect humanoids. Enjoy.

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