Where have I been?


Do a google-image search for MIA, not what you expect.


Lots and lots of gaming.

I also tried to make a post from my iPhone on Sunday using the WordPress app, but it sucks terribly in the picture uploading department, so I gave up on it. I was grilling some chicken for the wife and I after a weekend of light house-upkeep stuff (yard work, cleaning, etc…) and gaming. Had a great picture of the sun dipping behind the clouds on the horizon, and the piece was called “Lazy Sunday”. You really missed out on a quality paragraph thanks to that crappy application. But, lets move on to more pertinent information that you come here for.

With my recent slew of Champions posting, many of you may have gotten the mistaken impression that I’ve left WAR by the wayside. This would be very untrue. No, it’s not getting quite as much playtime as before, but I am still playing, and frequently. I love the PvP the game offers too much to leave it be. Yes, despite all the nay-sayers, doom-predictors, and general disdain that you find so readily throughout the forums, I really enjoy WAR.

So, what have I been up to in WAR? Playing my Shadow Warrior on occasion. I dyed all her gear “enchanted blue”. It’s essentially powder blue, and it stands out clear as day for all the world to target it me with. It really does make it fun to walk out of a pugged scenario, knowing I can be easily picked out, and still have 17 KBs  and 2 deaths. Of course, this was against a scenario full of destro in the 30s. But whatever, I take what I can get! When I’m not dominating people many levels lower than me, and completely under-geared in comparison, I have been leveling my Knight. I’m happy to say that I finally pulled him out, brushed off the dust, and got him to level 40. My guild leader was incredibly happy by this, because it means he has a lot more options when it comes to playing his characters (an RR70 something Knight and an RR70 something Iron Breaker).

kotbs-shield-conceptI will say this about the Knight. Compared the Shadow Warrior, it is a stupidly simple class to play. I feel so much more powerful on my level 40, RR31 Knight in a set of Annihilator, than I do on my RR62, 3 dark-promise, 3 invader Shadow Warrior. On my Knight, I wade into the thick of battle with impunity for the most part. I throw a guard on a Bright Wizard, and the two of us swim through destro. No Escape is amazingly good. If you’re a Knight, and you don’t slot this, you fail at the game. All of the ways in which the Knight preforms well, highlights for me the difficulties that I’ve had to overcome in the Shadow Warrior to play competitively. I read on the official forums once that the Shadow Warrior class is like a training regime to make you play every other class better. I believe this. So, I’m hoping that I can soon start to wear conqueror gear and maybe get some sentinel gear and start really making some progress with this guy. I really am having a lot of fun wading through Armageddon and coming out the other side to tell the tale.

Oh, and there’s a live event going on. I did the instance a bit with my SW. It’s pretty fun, but I just pugged it (with Blazericactually), we made it through most of it in two tries. But got stomped by the pair of lions, and then my guild called my Knight for RvR fun. I’m interested to see what the rest of the event actually wants me to do to finish up, because we just destroyed warbandsof people swarming Dragonwake instead of paying attention to the event. One cool event-related tidbit: you can be turned into a pig. Soooo-wheeee!

In Champions news, I’ve been playing Three, my Power Armor super-hero. I’m a hair’s breadth from level 20, and think I’ve almost tapped Millennium City dry of all the quests I can possibly get. I’ve done all the snake gulch quests in the desert, and am moving on to the Viper quest hubs. I’ve done the beginning of those quests during the open beta, so I’m quickly moving on to uncharged territory for me. I think my next character is going to do the Canadian Wilderness, I didn’t really play that one very much.

UM Power Armor

Real life Power Armor, Warhammer-style.

Still, the questing is very fun, and I’m even doing some quests in MC that I didn’t in the beta. Busting up different cults of psychics. One that is in competition with their former rival’s son, who has started a gang to seek revenge against his deceased father’s ex-lover. All this because some cop got mentally bushwhacked by a psychic to use me to nix the competition, then tried to take me out once the job was completed. Rescuing, what was basically the cast of Anchorman, from Foxbat’s attempt at a news-station hijack was a great tongue-in-cheek homage of hilarity (Rob Mahogany and his love Victoria Cornerstone).

The game is just a lot of fun, and I’m really happy I picked up the 6 month sub. It really is a great PvE experience, and has all the complexity that the spread-sheeter in me loves, but also the visceral fun that the console-gamer in me craves. It hits the mark and presses the right buttons in me, in so many ways, that I have a hard time seeing even SW:TOR pulling me away…

Okay, maybe not that much, but if this keeps up, SW:TOR won’t be quite the un-scratchable itch I thought it was going to be. Still, my biggest concern with the game is the end-game. It really is a mystery to me still what I’m going to do once I hit 40. I haven’t been spending much time on the forums for the game, so maybe if I wanted to, I could hunt out the info there, but I’m enjoying the unknown of the game so far. Everything is a surprise as I come upon it.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t made any alts, as this game practically demands it. I haven’t actually played any, but I’ve got ideas, and models made. So far, awaiting  in my arsenal of alts, is a array of characters. The first is RAT, a might-based hero, he runs on all fours, has a mechanized rat-tail (not the hair-do), and these crazy claws on his back. Second is Tyger, also a beast-stance character, but an actual tiger-human…thing (I can’t recall what they call them in Champions). He’s a dual-blade powerset, and he is decked out in shamanistic clothing, and looks very tribal. Lastly is the most unoriginal of the trio I think, but also, potentially some of the most fun. I created a munitions hero, dual-wielding pistols, and a sword strapped to his back for his future dabbleing in the single-blade  power-set. He’s clothed in all white, and I named him Grammaton. I hope you get the reference.


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4 Responses to Where have I been?

  1. I laughed when I saw the munitions ability, Lead Ballet (I think was the name). Grammaton Cleric FTW!

    • shadowwar says:

      I know! They basically modelled that entire power-set off of that movie it seems. Even the animations for some of the powers look like moves from the film.

  2. Rer says:

    I missed you man! :O

  3. theerivs says:

    Ok I want my own power armor too.

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