Where have I been?


Do a google-image search for MIA, not what you expect.


Lots and lots of gaming.

I also tried to make a post from my iPhone on Sunday using the WordPress app, but it sucks terribly in the picture uploading department, so I gave up on it. I was grilling some chicken for the wife and I after a weekend of light house-upkeep stuff (yard work, cleaning, etc…) and gaming. Had a great picture of the sun dipping behind the clouds on the horizon, and the piece was called “Lazy Sunday”. You really missed out on a quality paragraph thanks to that crappy application. But, lets move on to more pertinent information that you come here for.

With my recent slew of Champions posting, many of you may have gotten the mistaken impression that I’ve left WAR by the wayside. This would be very untrue. No, it’s not getting quite as much playtime as before, but I am still playing, and frequently. I love the PvP the game offers too much to leave it be. Yes, despite all the nay-sayers, doom-predictors, and general disdain that you find so readily throughout the forums, I really enjoy WAR.

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