Scotchy, scotch, scotch

scotchSyncaine made a very tongue-in-cheek post the other day on posting habits, and the quick way to internet blogger fame. I’m pretty sure it was directed at one particular blogger, but I have no hard evidence to say for sure. But my sentiment towards this blog is probably similar to Syncaine’s. I have the blog on my roll, but mostly for the lolz. Anyway, the main point that Syn seemed to be making was more that, we as bloggers, do this for a hobby. We enjoy what we do, but it’s still good to get feedback, and communication. Most of us that do this, want to be a part of the community. It’s the internet, so obviously it’s nothing super personal, but it’s still great to have a group of people with similar interests to chew the cud with.

However, what our readers sometimes decide to comment on baffles Syn, myself, and others it seems. When looking at our various posts, why does one entry get a lot of views, and another get so few? Why are people more apt to comment on a 250 word paragraph than they are on a 1,000 word essay? Is it the degradation of our societies attention spans and reading skills that ends with the internets TL:DR phenomenon? I can’t believe that is it. Chances are, if you’re visiting a blog, you are seeking information and discussion as well, and I can’t believe that audience is skipping by on the posts that might interest them.

So, are the posts that  are heavy on the theorizing and analyzing of the genre just boring? I can see that being possible. Most people like hearing about new shinies, which is probably why I had a lot of views when talking about the Champions Beta. People also like advanced information, hence my highest viewed post being the leak I did a few weeks back on WARs 1.3.1. They also like raging. I’ve done that a few times myself. If you look at Syn’s page, you would presume that people also enjoy scathing analysis of some of the genres many flaws, particularly areas where WoW went, terribly, terribly wrong (not that he exclusively discusses that, but it does come up frequently).

Anyway, I’m getting a tad rambly. I was just thinking about what actually drives the audience to view different posts, and then to go a step further and actual talk about it. From the get-go, I said I wanted this page to be a place for anyone who wants to talk about gaming to kick up their shoes, poor a glass of Glenfidich, and talk about our hobby. I’m happy to have developed a nice little community of readers, and people seem, so-far, to feel like they can comment. So, to those of you here, thank you. Without you guys, I doubt I would still be doing this. Despite what you may think, doing this becomes much harder when there’s no one to share it with.

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17 Responses to Scotchy, scotch, scotch

  1. syncaine says:

    It’s always kind of creepy for me when I write something and it gets zero comments. I mean when I first started it was normal, and I was just happy with page views, let alone if anyone even dropped a single comment, but now that traffic is up and on average I get 15-20 comments a post, something that gets zero is odd.

    It’s like “was that post SO useless NO ONE has ANYTHING to say about it, even to call me a retard or /yawn it?” And at the same time, I’ll mention Field Runners in a post I threw up in 5 minutes, and with some Google magic it becomes one of the most viewed posts in the whole blogs history. Crazy stuff, but that’s one aspect that makes running a blog so fun and unpredictable.

  2. Slurms says:

    The other day, Zeli posted something on the forum which was pretty lenghty. Later that night we were on vent and she asked us if we read it. Abb simply stated, “Too many words…did not read.” He was joking, but in all seriousness, I know this happens alot. People typically don’t mind reading a lenthy review of a game, because they care about the context. But many skip past the really good stuff because it’s a deeper involvement than they are interested in having.

    Some of it (at least for me) is information overload. I have soo much stuff comming through my reader sometimes that I have to skip potentially good articles for time constraints.

  3. Shadow, I’ve always been a fan, but now I am a disciple. Glenfidich FTW

    • shadowwar says:

      Okay, I lol’d. I’m a giant scotch fan. My wife went on a cruise with her best friend a little over a year ago, and came back with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue label from the duty-free shop. I (jokingly) asked her what the hell she thought she was doing getting me a blended drink.

  4. Rer says:


    😉 ❤

  5. Tyrhoor says:

    I long since stopped attempting to compare my traffic with my comments. I suspect most of my traffic comes from webbots, I get 120 a day, but a mere 1-3 comments a post. Either that, or I really am being called a retard and /yawned at 😛

    Glenfidich is sexy stuff.

  6. theerivs says:

    I love that scotch line. Love Anchorman! Well I just write for myself, if someone stops by great, if someone has a comment even better.

    Hell I’m surprised I even get people to read the stuff I spew out, but then I think people are confused and think my blog is about porn industry, and not MMO’s.

    Usually biggest hits I get are anything to do with strats, and shemales LOL!

  7. pitrelli says:

    That post was soooooo directed at Keen 🙂

    As for content of blogs, I’d previously done a couple of guides etc on my old blog which did well for hits and comments but I enjoy just logging my general thoughts or indeed my enjoyment at a certain thing in game.

    I blog more for myself now rather than to get readers….if people enjoy whatever I’ve got to say then its a bonus.

    • shadowwar says:

      Keen? No, SURELY you jest. That couldn’t be 😉

      I think that’s what a lot of bloggers do it for. It’s a big part for me too, but mostly, I want a discussion. I live in a town I moved to for my wife, and have no gaming friends here. So, the internet is my substitute. It’s a little sad now that I type it out.

      • theerivs says:

        No it isn’t sad, it’s honorable. I’m sure your wife appreciates it.

        Thats the greatest thing about the internet, I made friends and they have been in my life for so long it’s not even funny, hell I think one of stalks me on the internet. LOL!

  8. zizlak says:

    Glenfidich is nice.. but I prefer Glenlivet. Am I still allowed to comment on the other stuff? 😉

    Sometimes I skip the longer articles if I just don’t have the time for them. If I check my reader having a break at work I don’t have the time for a “war&peace”-like 10000-words novel.. I think that I’m not alone with this.

    • shadowwar says:

      Of course, all lovers of scotch are welcom here. I love Glenlivet as well. The shorter, beige cylinder it comes in is far more appealing than the triangular dark-green/black of Glenfidich.

  9. pitrelli says:

    Ach I dont think its sad, I have some great friends from games and hope to make many more via my blog etc.

    The way blogging interests me is I can speak to people who are interested in the same thing and can chat openly about it, in game it is hard to do this imo.

  10. skarbd says:

    First off Oban and Glenmorangie for the whiskey.

    I enjoy the comments, it’s my reward for an interesting post. What’s strange is the one’s that you think will get some interaction, get nothing and vice versa.

    Though after reading Syncaine post, I have tried to throw in the obligatory WoW reference whenever possible 😉

    The problem I find, is that when writing something I get into a bit of a flow and before I know it I have hit 500+ words. I know they are to long for the average blog traveller, but I try to cover all the angles, with the result being a wall of text.

    • shadowwar says:

      I find myself doing the same thing. So I try to throw short one paragraph posts out there from time to time. It lets me be lazy as well as makes people more likely to ready, win/win! 😉

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