Two Cool and one Crappy

Champions Online website integrates your in-game friend’s list and in-game mail so you can see which of your friends are playing, and reading any mail you might have.

One major steaming pile of dog-scrap though: special subscription offers have “run out”. This was posted last night. The first that anyone had heard of a limited quantity to these things. Now we see this. Someone please explain how “Until September 1st” turns into, “Time runs out when we run out of a virtual item that isn’t really manufactured.”

I understand WHY they limited the quantity of these subscription packages, however, since they didn’t make that fact clear ahead of time, it really ticks me off (and a lot of others looking at the forums). It’s not illegal per-se, but it is incredibly misleading and ethically dubious. It makes me sad, because I had high hopes for the this companies integrity. It really does seem more and more like the only MMO company who is really trying to be decent, and cares about it’s players is Mythic. Despite what you may think of that game, as a company, Mythic has done the best job I have ever seen of keeping clear, open, and honest lines of communication going with their subscribers.

Bah, I hate being let down. I’ll still be playing the game, but this has tainted my view of the whole quite a bit.


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12 Responses to Two Cool and one Crappy

  1. CMK says:

    I’m with you. Last night’s beta closeout was a blast – in the 1.5hrs or so I played in the City, we had a GM come by and bust our faces pretty good (Cryptonaut was his name) while we attempted to take on three of the big tin cans. I had so much fun I was completely sold on a 6-month sub and would have signed up today.

    Come to find out they were limited in number. Um…wtf? I think that info would’ve been pretty useful back when they announced them. Did ANYONE know that they were limited in number?

  2. Werit says:

    That is odd… in essence they are saying, “please don’t give us more money.”

    • shadowwar says:

      Yes and no. I’m sure that they set a certain number of subscriptions for this special offer, and in that number, they determined it will give them a good chunk of initial cash flow to help them make improvements and keep things going. A large part in determining that number was probably the upper limit to how much money they would lose if they offered over x amount.

      I.E. if they had 10,000 of the 6 month subs, and 5,000 of the lifetime, that means they would get an initial take of 600,000 + 1,000,000 (1.6 million total) on subscription fees. 7 months out, they have that 1.6 million, if all of those had instead been regular subscribers, they would instead have reached 1.35 million. So they’re still ahead on the numbers, but the further out it gets, they start to loose money. At 13 months considering 100% retention of the 6-month subbers they take in 2.2 million, as opposed to 2.7 million if they all had been a standard subscription. So a year out, they’re looking at a loss of 500k on just 15,000 players. Obviously, these numbers are completely fabricated, but it highlights the point I’m talking about I think.

  3. Rer says:

    NCSoft has yet to disappoint, but that’s not to say they won’t in the future.

  4. chris says:

    I’m a little bummed about the subscription thing. I was waiting until Friday to get paid to buy the 6 month. Lifetime is still too much to dish out right now, for me anyways.

  5. pitrelli says:

    Its a bit suspect that they didnt announce numbers and points towards a bit of foul play, this ‘we didnt expect it to be this popular’ sounds like bull shit to me.

    I’ll be visiting this blog amongst others to see if the contect is as good in later levels but unless I see the likes of yourself and Syp hating this game later on Im definately buying it

  6. Castamere says:

    Not happy over the carpet being yanked from under us. The wife and I were fully expecting that we had until the 1st to iron things down and were, in fact, going to plop the coin down yesterday when the word was suddenly out that ‘Oops we have no more. Too bad, so sad.’

    Again, we’ll likely be playing still but this has followed a trend of dodgy Cryptic communication with their community since Open Beta has launched. It certainly doesn’t instill a since of confidence within either of us.

    • shadowwar says:

      That really is the primary thing in this situation. It won’t stop me from playing, but it is another notch axed out of the tree in terms of trust and communication.

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  8. John O'Keefe says:

    Don’t know if you saw this but the discounted subscriptions are now back.

    Just got my 6 month sub.

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