Real Ultimate Power

supremepowerNo, not what you’re thinking (old internet memes ftw).

Last night was the last night of the open beta for Champions Online, and they decided to give us all a taste of what capped level characters felt like, and the taste was powerful. To get this supreme power, they placed an NPC that auto-leveled you up once you talked to them in Millennium City. Of course, all this new-found power couldn’t go to waste, so they let us cut our teeth on some powerful villains.

Destroids had invaded the city. Every where you looked, 4 story tall robots that reminded me of sentinels constructed by a drunk Master Mold, roamed the streets. Cosmic was their challenge ratings, and everyone threw all they had against them. A good twenty people in one small area using every beautiful power they had, all at the same time, and I finally felt a bit of lag. Well, more than a little bit, it was a bit rough, but I kind of expected that. The powers in this game are graphically intense. Shell casings and tracer rounds show up, visual distortions in the air, like heat waves, when some TK powers are used, and a host of other tiny details really eat up system resources. It’s kind of nice to realize my computer handled it well, but it was the server that seemed to be lagging more than anything else from so many people doing so many things in one spot, at once.

It was pretty fun, and I’m definitely going to be buying the 6 month subscription, and look forward to getting to play the game once the world is birthed.


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