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I wanted to show a quick video of some gameplay of Champions Online. The first minute or so shows me fighting some grondlings in the desert. I just wanted to show how smooth the gameplay is for the most part. It’s a bit laggy in there, but that’s only because I was frapsing it at the same time. Otherwise, you can see how fights move quickly and the animations smoothly flow from one to the other. The last two and a half minutes are just me flying around the city, I wanted to give you an idea of how big some of the zones are. It’s pretty impressive.


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13 Responses to Quick Video

  1. Eyeball says:

    I hate to burst your bubble, but personally that game looks horrible. I saw nothing that made me say Wow, boom, bang, or blam. It looks like about as much fun to play as a Nascar MMO.

    • shadowwar says:

      Why would another person’s opinion burst my bubble? If you don’t like it, that’s perfectly fine. This also wasn’t meant to be a “ohhh lookie at this awesome new toy” video. It was just to give a quick look at how combat can go, and a view at a zone.


  2. pitrelli says:

    Bah cant view it at work, I’ll give it a look when I finish.

    I was killed by the Grond last night! I was playing about in the desert because I’ve not really been there yet and he came and pretty much nuked everyone in the zone. He was bounding about the place, ripping up the ground and shouting stuff like ‘GROND SMASH’ …. I thought it was great 🙂

    I got a crappy screenshot just before I was killed which I’ll fire up on my blog quickly.

  3. naamah88 says:

    Nice video and the game runs fairly smoothly, certainly more smooth than WoW, but nowhere near the smoothness of Aion. I still can’t get past the graphics in motion, so unlike the still images, which look fantastic.

    The combat is too simplistic as well, you can certainly see that the game is meant for consoles as well. It plays more like a simple action game for consoles than it does an MMO.

    Just can’t see paying 15 bucks a month for it. I said on Bio-Break that Champs would be a perfect game to use the Guild Wars model, not just in its pay structure but in its world as well. Instanced content to drive the story and with its simplistic combat, it would be awesome to pick up and play occasionally.

    • shadowwar says:

      This game runs better than Aion on my computer. The occasional hitching that you seeI fixed. Apparently, it’s caused by Vista being retarded when on a wireless network.

      Also, everyone keeps saying “simplistic combat”. Give me specifics, what EXACTLY makes it simple. Precisely what makes it shallow. If you need to use examples from other games to demonstrate what this one is lacking, don’t hesitate. I would love to hear your opinion on this.

      • Slurms says:

        Hope they fix the wireless thing before Windows 7. I’m on wireless with XP right now, but I already have 7 ordered. =/

        • shadowwar says:

          I keep hearing great things about 7. Is it really that much superior to Vista? Vista doesn’t seem all bad, but it can be problematic at times with issues like this.

          • Slurms says:

            I have not used it myself, but everything I’ve read about it has been positive, and usually references areas that make it better than Vista.

  4. naamah88 says:

    Meant more smooth than WAR, not WoW. lol

  5. pitrelli says:

    @ naamah88 so you hate champions then lol

    What level did you get to be able to say ‘its simplistic combat’? Im guessing around level 8? I fail to see how it can be branded simplistic with the addition of blocking and release mechanisim used at early stages to keep you on your toes.

  6. naamah88 says:


    Currently 12, gonna boot it up again later and level a bit more. Trying to give it a fair shake.

    Sorry, one button used to block does not make it complex combat. The spamming of the z button to break holds is also annoying and makes me think even more of console combat. You can certainly tell that they dumbed it down for the console.

    BTW, Windows 7 is vastly superior to Vista. Performance-wise its not even close.

  7. Shaolin says:

    song was cool…what s the title please ?

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