Hedge_MazeGoing to slap you in the face with a whole lot of random gaming news that I have heard here and there, but don’t really feel like talking overly about. Tonight or Tomorrow I will be throwing up pictures and (hopefully) a video of gameplay from CO. Just thinking about that makes me giddy, the game is a lot of fun.

  • It’s official: Sith Warriors (Rivs, go change your pants)
  • EvE developer CCP announces an FPS
  • Everquest 3 is in the works? No, really.
  • The pro’s think the Guild Wars 2 reveal is coming from all the chatter out there.
  • Fallen Earth (which is barely even a blip on my radar despite my love of post-apocalypse genre), lifted it’s NDA  AND started it’s open beta on the 17th (gee, why did I miss that I wonder)
  • PS3 is sliming down. Figures, just months after I buy mine. Bastards.
  • Fable 3? Yes please.
  • DDO:Eberron Unlimited release got pushed backto September 9th.

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3 Responses to Non-sequitor

  1. pitrelli says:

    Glad your enjoying CO, FUN is the way I describe it to my mates who havent tried it yet. Will the fun last or is it just because its a new toy?Im thinking it will fit in well with my casual playstyle so I think I’ll be sticking with it for a while.

    I just had a read about the slimline ps3 and it is really tempting, I think im owe myself a new pc before I contemplate buying a console though.

  2. Krosuss says:

    Yeah, stupid Sony … I literally just bought the PS3 three weeks ago. Bastards!

  3. theerivs says:

    Though for 299, what a deal and it’s a blue ray player too. But NEW PC > PS3 any day.

    As for changing my pants, no need ever since I hear they were making Old Republic, I switched to wearing Diapers for just such an occasion. When it goes live, and I get to kill Jedi, I probably won’t leave my computer chair for a week.

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