Art by 2sad-eyes

Art by 2sad-eyes

I finally got the whole Champions Patcher thing working. There were plenty of problems, but Cryptic did a great job of working hard to fixthem. I still contend that it was beyond foolish to provide only one avenue of distribution for a large percentage of your players, particularly since many of these are people that pre-ordered. Options are a good thing, and providing the customer with choices makes the consumer feel empowered and happy.

Of course, there was much screaming and gnashing of teeth on the forums over a horrible launch, and what idiots this company is, /quit, blah blah blah. Which I found humerus since, technically, it IS still a beta. If it was the live game, there would not have been nearly the issue, since the bulk of the info would be on the disk you have in hand. But the industry has evolved, and modern technology has come leaps and bounds from such primitive information delivery systems, and with it, a whole new list of complications. Either way, I don’t hold any frustration with Cryptic in regards to the patcher issue, other than their short-sighted distribution. No, I continue to loathe Fileplanet, and all organizations of a similar nature.

I woke up ass-early today to ensure that the game was all set, and when I did, I played around with the character creator for 15 minutes or so while I ate my grape-nuts with yogurt, before getting ready for the workday. To say that the character mangler is robust, is like saying Korean MMOsare grindy (see what I did there?). However, since it’s the only part of the game I actually got to twiddle with, and I feel a need to yammer about the game, I’ll do so a little here.

The character creator is daunting. Even as someone who played City of games, this is a whole new iteration of that. At first glance, I was disappointed because it seemed like all of my options were limited. Then my eyes fell on new drop down menus, and then more menus under those menus, and then sliders to change things. Every time I thought I had reached an end to a level of customization, I found a new layer. It made me giddy as young boy, and this was just in appearance. The sheer number of different costume “parts” you can have is at least double to that of what is in the City of games right now, and there are more you can find/craft/earn/whatever as the game goes on.

One cool aspect to the whole design a hero bit, was the body morphing. There are different pre-sets for various types of faces, body-types, and all that jazz, but most (if not all) can then be adjusted further with sliders. Also very cool, was a “beast” type body frame. If you’ve been watching the game at all, you’ll probably have seen at least one feline-stylized hero, swinging through a video. Well, that character probably has the hunched posture of a beast-like character, always ready to pounce on the next victim.

The biggest let-down for me, was that there were none of the promised power customizations that I was looking forward too. However, after some chat on the message boards, it turns out those become available after the tutorial at a tailor/costume shop. It has something to do with power sets not being assigned until the character is made, so editing them becomes impossible until the character is a “reality”. I can live with this, as the tutorial only is supposed to take about 15 minutes to get through.


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8 Responses to Entrance!

  1. pitrelli says:

    If it is indeed the tailor I dont think you will get to edit it until around level 8. You first have to complete the starter zone, then you enter a crisis zone then you move to the main areas. Its at the main areas where you will find a tailor.

    Hope that makes sense

  2. Slurms says:

    Just got through the creation and the tutorial. I’m not in Canada and just got my travel power and a new ability.

    Full review to come after I play more.

  3. pitrelli says:

    There is a tailor in the crisis zone so you can edit your powers at around level 5 it seems

    • shadowwar says:

      I noticed if you press “P” you can change colors on all your powers, and I noticed one of my powers let me change the emenation point, free of charge. Which is nice.

      • pitrelli says:

        I’ll need to have a fiddle about with it when i get the time although the majority of my toons are melee characters so doubt I’ll be able to change much…. I’ll make a force toon just to see whats available, Im on Uncle duty tonight so wont be on unfortunately 😦

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