Enter Stage 2

Tzeentch goes Egyptian
Tzeentch goes Egyptian

Last night was a first for me in WAR.

I got to participate in the second stage of a city invasion. For the first time since the merger of my home server of Ironfist to Gorfang, Order flipped a fort. Then, they flipped another. Holy shit, we’re in the city. It’s been a couple months since the merger, and while destro has flipped forts, no one has gained access to the city. Next thing you know, we locked the first stage and were working on the second. No more Adell and his one-shotting people, instead we got a series of different PQs all with big bosses.

The coolest of these fights was probably Stage III of the Sacellum, fighting the Mindwarper. Essentially, it’s a greater demon of Tzeentch, but as he gets injured by 10% of his total, he spawns a copy of himself. So my screen ends up being filled with this mass of black feathers in a chaotic, jumbled mess. It was really very cool. The final boss for the Sacellum was a giant Chosen with a two-hander that one-shots anyone he attacks AND has an AoE. Somehow, he got pulled out of the pit, and up the stairs, where us Shadow Warriors seemed to be keeping him insta-snared and kiting him in circles. Boss fights should not result in fully warded tanks being unable to tank them, it literally ends up in just a spawn-rush, zerg fight, and that sucks.

The other portion of the PQ was to take place at the monolith, through a chaos rift below it. Sadly, for whatever reason, it was broken for the majority and they couldn’t use the rift to zone through to do the task, so it failed and we were unable to get to stage 3. Still, it was great fun, and I was glad to see that my side got there first, and that I got to see some cool boss fights and just new content in general.

Cheers order, good times were had!


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One Response to Enter Stage 2

  1. Grimnir says:

    That chaos rift has a trick to it. You have to go into the library to the west of it to gain entrance. Once you do, you’re able to spawn into it. At that point you’re basically sitting on a floating platform in the shape of a chaos symbol. At each of the 8 points theres a power sphere you have to destroy. Champs abound. After the spheres drop a boss spawns in the middle and AoE’s the room. All the power spheres come back to life, and you have to destroy them all again to damage the boss. This gets more frustrating because the AoE ticks for about 3000 a shot, and you have to go into the library everytime you die to reactivate the rift.

    Fun times indeed.

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