Syp goes to Indy

logo_indyYou can read about his adventures here and here.

As always with him, it’s  good read, if for no other reason, check out the first one for the Mary McDonnel look-a-like dressed as the Baroness.

Oh, and with no segway and while that previous sentence reminds me, all nerds should know Bryan Singer is working on a deal to direct a Battlestar Galacticamovie *squeel*. Yes, I turn into an eight year old girl over this kind of news. Sadly, it’s not intended to be a continuation of the show that I absolutely loved, but Singer is an amzing director, and I have confidence in his ability to pull awesome out of his ass.

Back to the topic:

While Syp was there, his first stop was with the Mythic crew, and he talked with Andy Belford. Before I go further, I want to say this: I may bitch and moan at times about WAR, but it should be known, I do love this game. It is probably the most fun I have ever had with any MMO, ever. It’s a game that I absolutely adore, even with all it’s imperfections. That said, it heartens me to read the answers that Andy gave Syp on some of his questions, particularly in regards to listening more to the community. That is the best thing they could possibly do in this industry. It’s my long-standing belief that MMOs deliver (primarily) a service, not a product, and the ways that the business is handled should reflect that reality.

Anyway, go read through it all, it’s worth the time.


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2 Responses to Syp goes to Indy

  1. theerivs says:

    Yeah I love WAR, I really do. I might be back some of the changes are really looking good. My old guild is still rocking, and bugging me to come back.

    I’m gonna spend some time with Champions Online. It’s intriquing me.

  2. theerivs says:

    No thanks to you 😛

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