Even they can’t make it sound awesome

WAR Europe did a career spotlight on the Shadow Warrior class yesterday.  Apparently, even they couldn’t get enough glowing, positive quotes to fill up their article. It becomes very clear about half-way through the read that the class has a lot of problems and needs help. If GOA can’t make a class sound good in what is supposed to be a promotional piece of propaganda, what hope do we as players have actually playing it.

I’ll leave you with this quote, and my translation in red:

“For this reason, they carefully wait for the right moment to attack their victim with great precision. A Shadow Warrior’s tactic is to wait for the right moment and then strike like a guerrilla warrior.”

“Kill steal.”


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5 Responses to Even they can’t make it sound awesome

  1. theerivs says:


  2. Rer says:

    “A Shadow Warrior can appear and disappear as swiftly as a shadow.” ~ Shadow Warrior’s have Stealth????

    “While playing as a Shadow Warrior, you have to act prudently and think analytically. Acting with intelligence and foresight is as essential as remaining composedly alert and having the ability to draw the right conclusions.” ~ As a Shadow Warrior, make sure you L2P, cuz you is L33t when you does.

    “Us Shadow Warriors have to be extremely alert in everything we do! Sometimes merely a wrong position or a single moment of distraction is enough to get caught.” ~ And subsequently instantly killed.

    *Grabs a beer from the Magus brewery* Here’s to hoping our classes eventually aren’t crap, not that we’ll be around to see it. Cheers.

    • shadowwar says:

      A much more robust translation of many of the quotes in there. I was thinking basically the same thing when I read them.

      *twists the cap to his Yuengling and takes a long gulp*

      Cheers mate.

  3. sela says:

    “For one thing, the long cast times and cooldowns quickly result in death against approaching enemy troops in RvR. For another thing, there is the rather small range against melee fighters with a similar range as is the case for most of the Assault and Skirmish Stance abilities. Only a few reach 100ft and the 35ft difference to the melee fighters is bridged faster than you can turn around and get out of the range of thrown weapons.”

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