Super-sized slew of stuff

SuperSizeMeChampions Online has been continuing it’s measured pace up to launch, letting out info every day in preparation for the Open Beta. Different power sets, written lore-based fiction, interviews, and a gaggle of other items. Yesterday was a particularly busy day it seems, and they dropped a lot on our laps, including a timeline of operations to launch. I’m excited to see that I’ll get to play from the time I get home from work, to the time my head hits the pillow if I so desire. This will give me plenty of time to go through the character creator, and get the look for my characters nailed down just right.

One particular note worthy of mention as well, was the revelation (to me) that the head-start players (myself included) will get to find unique drops from enemies during our advanced access. It’s an interesting way of rewarding player above and beyond for the faith they show in a game like this. I am just damn appreciative of any developer that shows it’s customers that it cares.

Besides the timeline, something very cool to look over was the Supernatural powerset. It seems to me from looking over it, that there are different ways you can use the set. There seems to be a melee version, where you funnel the mystical energies of the draconic and transform yourself into an avatar of the scaled behemoths of lore. Another function seems to be more of a nuker/blaster type, channeling the powers of the daemonic and infernal to sear the flesh from the bones of the enemy. Lastly, there seems to be a CC/controller type set, that calls upon the angelic to restore life to yourself and lock down the enemy with mystical chains. Overall, a pretty interesting look at one set of powers in game, and it goes to remind me of something I heard a long time ago about the game. They want everyone to be fairly adaptable at what they do at any time within their powersets. So if you want to tank, you can do that with your powers, of if you want to blow stuff up from afar, that option will be there as well. This way, players aren’t stymied on their power choices for the role they want to play. As I always say, “Options are good.”.

So, keep your eyes out to the Champions Online website if you want to keep finding out new info. I’ll try to relay anything I hear through here as well.

Oh, and I am still playing WAR. Got my Shadow Warrior to RR62 the other day, and my Blackguard to level 23 RR 20. I’m not playing it furiously, but I’m making measure progress 😉


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4 Responses to Super-sized slew of stuff

  1. theerivs says:

    Man the more your talking about Champions the more I wanna play it. QUIT IT. LOL!. I’ll probably check it out, and cough up 60 bones just for the fact that gets you into Star Trek beta. I loves me some Star Trek

  2. canazza says:

    I am quite looking forward to it, I got a response from Amazon regarding my Beta key and they’re emailing them out Friday aparently, and I my friend got his off and they’ve said the same thing.
    Was rather hoping not to have to wait till the weekend to download the client, but beggars can’t be choosers 😦

    • shadowwar says:

      That’s great to hear! I did it the old fashioned way with a brick and mortar store, and probably annoyed the hell out of the clerk with my calling to find out when they keys were coming in 😉 I’m prepped and ready for launch come Monday.

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