Sidekicks, stars, super-groups, and more

A recent interview landed about Champions Online over at Ten Ton Hammer. In it, you’ll find a conversation that runs a gamut of topics from dieing, to boss fights, and on to much more. I’m not going to go in-depth about it, but it was interesting to read a few things, like this:

Past that, probably close to launch, we’ll start on having things that are super group specific. One of the things I really liked about Warhammer Online is the way that they built in long-term goals for guilds with associated rewards. So I really want to do something along those lines; it’s a great idea that Mythic had for the game. The way I thought about it is almost like treating a super group like a character; so you’d have different achievements or once you get to a certain level with the group you’d get certain things.

It seems like the more I read about upcoming MMOs, and Champions in particular, a lot of the ideas around the structure of WAR is being stolenborrowed and reimplemented in their own games. Another interview that I read on Champions mentioned their usage of “Open Quests” and compared them to PQs in WAR. The funny thing to me, is that the idea of a dynamic, evolving guild first started with EQ2 (in my memory), but it didn’t catch on until WAR. Oh well, enjoy the read, there are some nice tid-bits in there.


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3 Responses to Sidekicks, stars, super-groups, and more

  1. pitrelli says:

    Thats the thing, WAR had some cracking ideas involved in WAR, if they had delayed launch and put more into endgame thought then I think WAR would be booming. MMO players as you know are a fickle bunch if it is broken you will get flamed and you will rarely get a second bite of the cherry due to the ammount of competitive MMOs released to date.

    Aion seems to be the thing most people are saying ‘this will be great from release’, technically imo it doesnt count as it has been released in Asia for about a year already so most bugs, teething problems will be ironed out.

    As for stealing/borrowing ideas – It will be interesting to see blizzards next MMO as they are well known for cherry picking the good ideas from other games and implementing them to their own

    • shadowwar says:

      Blizzard likes to just grab the whole bushell and run home with it 😉

      But yeah, if only the end-game of WAR had been critically looked at a bit longer, or more thoroughly tested, I think things would have gone far smoother for them as well.

      Whether Aion has been out a year in Asia or not though, people are seeing it here for pretty much the first time, and that’s what counts to them. Still, I’m of the opinion it’s going to be a giant grind-fest and won’t have the long-term appeal people expect it to. In 6 months we’ll be hearing all about people leaving it for the next hot thing.

  2. pitrelli says:

    One of the points i made on a recent bio break post was about Aion and it effectively having ‘two launches’, imagine WAR or Conan had that opportunity with us westerners gettin it second. Bugs/ stability issues resolved etc etc I would think the subscription numbers to either game would be substantialy higher. For the record I think both games are pretty good WARs downfall is/was? without population it isnt a game

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