One week

calendarIn one week, the Champions Online open beta starts. I know I have my keys from pre-order already input, and I’m waiting eagerly to get my hands on this game. I’m really hoping for a fun, exciting game that provides a hint of the action gameplay that I’m craving. Some of the tombs for Land of the Dead gave me a glimmer of how fun that can be in an MMO, and I really wish that CO is able to realize that idea more completely. Platforming around an area, shooting the shit out of stuff, adrenaline pumping, because a fall means death, is the kind of stuff I’m looking for in PvE.

I’m having a hard time keeping my head cool about this game the closer it gets to launch, which is what Cryptic wants I’m sure. If the can get me into a froth of fan-boi frenzy, they will have done their job. I don’t think I’ll ever reach that level of anticipation about a game again, but I am excited. 

At my core, I am a comic book nerd, through and through. I love the community in all it’s geeky goodness, and comics have been an integral part of my life since childhood. I was in middle school when Age of Apocalypse event came out, and that pulled me away from my fascination with the 2099 series (oh how I miss the sci-fi super-hero setting). So, if this game pans out on some of the things it’s promising, I may happily find a new gaming home that will challenge my migration to SW:ToR, and most definitely shut-down my WAR time.

So, what will I be doing a week from today? I’ll be making a TON of different characters. What characters you ask? How inquisitive of you, dear reader. I will try to keep my frenzy of creations to a minimum, but there will be at least four different types in there. I will be, hands-down, making an archer of some type. I don’t have details on what the power set includes, or if it’s an offshoot of something else, but I will be making one. I will be making a power-armorhero. Yes, I know, everyone and their sister will have one, but it’s awesome, no way to deny it. Rockets, lasers, armor. A tri-fecta of cool. Third will be a mutant, with hopefully Telepathy and Telekinetic powers. Some of my favorite characters from marvel were the ones with at least one of those abilities. Cable, Nate Grey (X-man), Psylocke, Jean Grey, and the White Witch were all on the top of my list. Lastly, I’ll be making a Jedi knock-off. Yes, some type of sword and the Force power set. It’s cheesy, unoriginal, and I don’t give two shits. I’ll be jumping around, swinging a laser-sword of doom, and telling people left and right, “These are not the droids you are looking for.”. It will be glorious fun for all of 5 minutes. I look forward to those 5 minutes.


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5 Responses to One week

  1. Slurms says:

    Hey, I may see you next week. I’ll be giving it a shot right after this weekends Aion beta. 😉

  2. Firstto says:

    I had a really hard time choosing between Aion and Champions. Eventually I had to go with Aion because my guild is, and there’s no point in playing an MMO if you aren’t playing with friends. 🙂

    On the upside, I get to kill Slurms 😉

    • shadowwar says:

      What if you end up on the same side? Eh? Eh?

      But yeah, I get it. The fantasy genre is always going to pull more people as things stand right now. The bulk of online games have been a draw to the people who are used to classic P&P RPGs, that were no longer able to game with friends as they got older, groups of people moved, etc… So, guilds in general will stick to their typical genre, and Aion is the next “big” Fantasy MMO to hit the streets.

      When I came to Warhammer, it was from a lull in MMO gaming. I was in a guild with some RL friends in my on-again, off-again WoW time, but they didn’t want to come over, and I wasn’t up to convincing them. EQ2 I had left serious play long before, and so, I hit this game solo. Found great people and guilds on all my characters, but I’ve always been pretty active in forums and what-not, so maybe I just meet people more quickly. I don’t know, as much as I love the people I game with, I don’t let friends direct my enjoyment in RL, and I sure as shit won’t do it online either.

      If my guild was all rushing to Aion, I might give it a shake, and try it out just because I trust my friends opinions, but if it tanks for me, I’ll drop it faster than a dress on prom-night.

  3. theerivs says:

    I might try out Champions as well. I never played a superhero game. I don’t know why I like comics. Just the games never appealled to me.

  4. chris says:

    I am ready for Champions big time. It will be my first superhero mmo, I’m kind of excited for a different flavor of game.

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