LotD Weapons


We have a fellow blogger from my Gorfang server, Blazeric of Warhammer on Gorfang fame, to thank for posting these in our server forums. Supposedly, they are on the test server right now and cost 5 funerary masks, which you get at the end of Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

As impressive as these are, Mythic bungled the ball again by making the TOP gear in the game only achieved through PvE content. It’s almost as if they learn nothing from their continual production cycle. People hated the city because it had too much PvE. They hated being forced out of progression because they disliked PvE. Solution? Insert a new primarily PvE zone, and then make the best gear there come from doing the PvE content.


Our only hope is that something will come along to either change the cost of these items, change the way in which the currency to buy them is acquired, or provide a completely alternate method to get comparable gear. As the current game stands, there are many ways to keep getting good armor and trinkets in the game through PvP. Whether influence rewards from each campaign chapter, or through the token system, but they are still severly limited in weapons. Once you get the weapons from the T4 influence rewards, you’re only hope to get a “better” weapon through PvP is a harbinger drop off a player.


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2 Responses to LotD Weapons

  1. Eyeball says:

    I still use my magic crit weapon from Bastion Stair.

  2. Eronair says:

    LotD is a PvP zone…part time. As you need the 5 funerary masks to get said weapons (which are nice and I will most likely never see) which comes only from an invadable dunngeon in LotD that also in move PvP. People are also learning to remain in LotD longer after the zone flips, reaping in kills as the gank. Anyways LotD isn’t as PvE as people seem to think but it ins’t totally PvP either..”shrug” just putting this out there.

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