We found out…

girl…the gender of our child yesterday.

It’s a girl. I’m excited, but told my wife that the next one had better be a boy.

I demand an heir.


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9 Responses to We found out…

  1. Slurms says:


    We had a girl first as well, the came the boy. We are done.

    I’m the last male in my family’s line, so yeah, I really wanted a boy to carry on my name.

  2. Krosuss says:


  3. shadowwar says:

    Thanks all! It was exciting seeing that little alien squirm in my wife’s belly, trying to refuse us satisfaction of gender-knowledge.

  4. Grimnir says:

    Grats man!

    Girls ain’t all bad anyway. Less directional peeing when you go to change them. 😉

    Lucky me, my brother had a boy just 6 weeks ago, so I’m also done with my contribution to societal progression. Have fun, and good luck!

  5. theerivs says:

    Bunch of baby making machines. I think with Blizzard you can buy a kid with Tokens now. So I’ll just farm for one. 🙂

    Congo Rats.

  6. Nithe Gamer says:

    Congrats on passing down your genes!

  7. Chris Sheppard says:

    Congrats you two!!

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