Voice of the Future

Someone's totally awesome collection.

Someone's totally awesome collection.

Damn, and here’s a related article.

They’re making it very, very difficult not to get spun-up excited about this game. Other than the amazing endeavor they’re setting out to complete, and the quality of it’s progress so far seen in the video, did you pay attention to the gameplay?

I did.

The fact that almost the entire UI disappears during conversations will really help with the immersion of this game. It seems like the only remaining element is the conversation wheel for you to interact with, which is brilliant. During the actual combat, we got glimpses of “Darthevil’s” UI setup. Chat in the top left, map in the bottom right, one row of skills in the middle. Seemed pretty standard. What was more impressive to me, was the actual combat animations. That Sith was right in the mix, it looked as if he was really engaged in the combat.

I’ll spare you all my nerdgasm over the blue/red duel-wield sabers, and keep that tucked down, deep inside.


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  1. Slurms says:

    Evidently it’s hard for Syp to…

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