Euro-review for Darkfall, 2.0

eurogamer-logoIt can be read here. It’s an incredible article. Not just in the message, but the delivery. This writer is obviously far more talented at his job than the previous. The end result of all this? 4/10.

When you boil it down, Kieron Gillen (the author), basically said this is one of those games you probably CAN get a sense of whether you enjoy it or not in just a few short hours. We all have known this game was a niche product, and that it was a love-it or hate-it title. The review was solid, and polite in it’s criticisms, but the end score isn’t that much better than the original. I haven’t seen a response from Tosas (or whatever his name is), but I’m wondering if this satisfies them?

Either way, take a gander, it’s a good read if for the witty commentary and impressive word-play alone.


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