Bouncing in my seat

bounceI went ahead and re-upped my WAR account. I can’t stay away from the game if I KNOW there is about to be heavy hitting in the game, and we all know, they day of a server transfer is going to be some of the heaviest, best fighting around. Not to mention, it’s the best chance I’ll have to get a first taste of the new blood, and hopefully hide behind a name change for a while where people won’t go, “Kill Kahla.”

I’m excited and having a very difficult time getting anything done at work today. Thank God the boss is still out on vacation till Tuesday of next week. See you soon Gorfang!


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6 Responses to Bouncing in my seat

  1. Grimnir says:

    WOO! We got a live one here!

  2. Scarbigrot says:

    Welcome to Gorfang. Scenarios were popping pretty good last night.

  3. Blazeric says:

    Was that you who waved at me yesterday in CW as I was running around. Oh and I am having a blast now. Stupid work getting in the way.

    • shadowwar says:

      Yes it was. Zayr of Blitz. Had to give another blogger some love when I see them in-game. Lets all hope the server can keep this level of activity up, if it does, I may just lose my job 😉

      • Blazeric says:

        I hear that. I took a half day yesterday just to play and it was the most fun I have had in a long time. I have also heard good things about your guild and that it is very skilled. Hope to see you around more.

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