It’s not me, it’s you

breakupI’m taking a break from WAR. Couple of weeks to months, depending. I’ll see how I feel about it then. Sadly, Land of the Dead was not the PvP wonderland I had hoped for, in fact it had the opposite affect. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been stupid busy with real life stuff. Work is insane now that people have been let go, and those of us left behind are picking up the slack (I type this from work, irony FTW). I’ve got a pregnant wife who is milking this thing for all it’s worth (she’s 14 weeks for Pete’s sake, the doctor’s agree, she should be full of energy at this point). All this and the regular slew of day-to-day responsibilities keeps me from being able to play the game frequently.

My account actually expired on the 5th, and I haven’t even missed logging in at all yet. Maybe if my server gets merged, it will be a good server again, but my home in the game has just fallen into disrepair. My old guild leader even quit the game, with all the drama, self-congratulation, and forum posting he is known for. Another guild leader from one of the other largest guilds on the server quit a bit ago as well. It’s become a chore to try to find someone to fight. I’m not playing for that.

So, in the meantime what am I going to be playing? Probably some PS3 titles when I can. I got to poke about in Killzone 2 for a while, and that was stupid fun. I’ve downloaded the free 10 day trial for DDO to see what it’s like with the upcoming transfer to Free to Play format. I’ve also reactivated an old account with a MUD from back in the day, called Gemstone 4. Crazy I know right? But reality is, the game is the most in-depth, fully fleshed world I have ever played in, and it’s just amazing how diverse and beautiful the game is.

I’m sure I’ll be back to WAR, and I hope sooner than later, but I’m not making any firm commitments. I’ll still be active on the boards, and keeping my ears to the ground to see what’s coming for it, as I have a strong love of the game, and a vested interest in its future. So stay tuned boys and girls. I’m not going anywhere, The Shadow-war is here to stay! (God, that was cheesy).


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8 Responses to It’s not me, it’s you

  1. seregul says:

    Does you wife read your blog?

  2. Grimnir says:

    I know the situation yer in, had fun with that three years ago. Working my knuckles to the bone, wife all fattened up and angry at the world, and a few hours of sleep each night.

    It’s also summertime, where the adults tend to play less, and the kids tend to play more. Online of course. Give it some time, wait til your wife starts taking 4 hour naps from her “exhaustion”, and sneak in some time there. Or just go enjoy the sunshine and return with the cold grasp of winter begins to force you back inside.

    Either way, can’t blame ya much. Life happens 😉

  3. theerivs says:

    My time in MMO land has been quite lacking as well.

  4. Alastriona says:

    It makes me sad to see you go, but in the same breath, I can understand. You’ll be missed, definitely. (Just so you know, I’ve always been impressed by your SW – your level of play was always something that I wanted to achieve.) I do hope that they’ll merge our server/fix Shadow Warriors and that perhaps you’ll come back.

    Hopefully I’ll see you around again. – Alastriona of Ironfist

  5. Snafzg says:

    Not to freak you out, but all of us who have quit were in the exact same place you’re in now! Just taking a break, we said. We’ll be back soon, we said. 😛

    Haha, just teasin! Good luck with the RL stuff. It’s way more important anyway. Hell, I haven’t even had the time or inkling to touch ANY games this summer, let alone WAR.

    Summer is for RL and the outdoors imho. 🙂

  6. shadowwar says:

    Thank you all for the comments (and compliments, best one I’ve ever gotten game related Alastriona). I really DO hope to come back to the game in the near future. I enjoy playing. The perfect recipe for my return would be a slow down of work, my summer semester ending (only three weeks!), and WAR merging my server/improving SWs. Mix it up any way you like, all that happening would have me resubbing in an instant!

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