Breaching Play

I don’t remember who’s site directed me to this, but it’s an incredible 22 page read by a sociologist after years of play  and testing in City of Heroes. Essentially, he played in the high end PvP zone of the game, doing whatever was allowed in the confines of the game rules to defeat the enemy and win the zone. He reports a lot of the comments and messages he got as a character in the game because of these actions, talks about their implications on gameplay, and how ultimately societal laws often directly conflict with structural laws.

The paper is an insight on how communities function in a closed, ruled system, and how in these games we all play, the socialaspect is often the most persistent determining ruleset in how we interact with the game world. Being likedis the ultimate motivating factor. I’m sure the main reason why this is the case after decades of online, cooperative gameplay, conforming to social expectations lets you accomplish those tasks. Hell, anyone remember the original EQs “play nice” rules?

Read it if you have time.


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One Response to Breaching Play

  1. Grimnir says:

    That was actually an interesting read. Kinda reminds me of the people that still flip PQ’s in Altdorf when facing a full instance of the opposing realm.

    Yes, that it is indeed an objective to flip the PQ before the enemy. No, it’s not always safe to do so.

    At least in his case, he wasn’t getting his faction wiped over and over again with his actions. I would have fully supported him in that.

    Of course, I like to kill people. Which may be the reason I’m playing WAR over CoX anyways.

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