Quick Thought about Aion

Do not continue!Do not play a ranger!

For all that is holy and good in this world, stay the fuck away. Imagine a 75 year old, dirty hooker who’s missing 90% of her teeth. Then imagine she is wearing a sign saying she has every STD imaginable in the world, and that she charges 5 times what the other ladies of the night charge. Keep that vision firmly implanted in your minds when you look at the ranger class in Aion.

I’ll give more info later, but I thought you all should know.

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8 Responses to Quick Thought about Aion

  1. theerivs says:

    I told you quit posting about my Mom, your hurting her business.

  2. Eyeball says:

    You sure you weren’t playing your Shadow Warrior?

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  4. Snafzg says:

    Heh, I read some interview with one of the highest ranked PvPers in Korea and he played a Ranger! 😛

    • shadowwar says:

      I think I read the same one, where he talked about how he avoided PvP with people at the higher ranks unless he was 100% sure he could win since the points you loose is so harsh at the upper ranks.

  5. chris says:

    I played a ranger this weekend. I was so disappointed after I finaly was able to use a bow. I also played a spirit master which was a lot more fun. Playing the mage class was great, I had no problem doing quests.

  6. naamah88 says:

    The problem with the Ranger at lower levels is that for 9 levels he gets only melee abilities, then all of a sudden he is supposed to change to ranged but doesn’t get enough abilities to support that until higher levels. At high levels he really shines but you have to go through hell early to reach 30 or so and start getting good.

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