Whatcha wanna see?

Like Werit, I’ll be playing some Aion this weekend in the beta. Like Werit, if anyone reads this and wants to see anything in particular, let me know. The beta event only goes to level 20 this weekend, so no Abyss and PvP goodness, but anything else I’d be more than happy to capture and put up. Let me know via comments or email. Twitter would be the last way, I’m very, very bad about keeping up with my tweets. (cool lingo useage: check!)

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6 Responses to Whatcha wanna see?

  1. theerivs says:

    Can I see more hawt Asian chicks..puhleeze?

  2. Eyeball says:

    Can they just release this game already? I am so sick of hearing about everyone leaving to play this game. I am sticking with WAR. No game can replace the pvp on Dark Crag. It is a great tactic on their part to not let people experience pvp in that game so people buy the box, level to 25, and than find out it sucks.

  3. Voph says:

    I’d like to see a ranger review as compared to the shadow warrior(my class before I quit war). I just don’t want to play another gimped archer.
    Any pvp videos you can do would be great too.

  4. Slurms says:

    Gah, can you still sign up for the beta?

    I’d really just want to know more about the games PvP. But as you said above, thats in the next beta.

    I guess i’d like to know what you think about the games combat system. Is it same-old same-old, or does it do anything exciting and different? Do you “feel” powerful when playing as a character, or do you get your ass kicked by pesants and rats?

    There’s so much I want to know about the game.

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