The Day the Music Died

080707-F-2171A-1315It hasn’t been as traumatic as the death of three musicians, but LotD has overall, been detrimental to the life on the server I call home, Ironfist. As I said in an earlier post, the unintended results of LotD had been amazing PvP, incredible fights, and a riot of a good time. Sadly, this didn’t last. The destruction on my server rarely take control of LotD, and when they do, all PvP stops. It becomes the proverbial immovable object. For the next two hours, at least, Order on Ironfist is stuck doing PvE content to try and take back control. As such, my guild has been doing everything we possibly can to prevent Destruction from EVER getting into LotD. It’s not out of some bitter, petty desire to stop them from seeing new content. No, our actions stem from a deep-rooted self centered need to have fun in this game, and that means having people to play against.

I remember hearing from so many people how great darkness falls was, and how amazing it was as a zone mechanic. So far, I’ve seen none of that. If I die in LotD while the enemy controls it, there’s no going back. I can have zero PvP for the remainder of my play session. I’m not going to stick around to RvE objectives and keeps. I didn’t like doing it before, and I’m not going to like it now. Mythic’s decision to release what equates to little more than a PvE zone has destroyed a lot of my fun in this game. If this is anything like darkness falls, how did anyone enjoy it?

When I pictured this expansion, I was under the impression that it was only the main tomb that got locked down. I saw hoards of both Order and Destro constantly running around the desert, killing each other, and watering the dunes with the blood of the enemy. The brave few would try to invade the enemy-controlled Tomb, and oust their opponents from inside. I envisioned the tomb to be like an instanced fortress for group on group play. Instead, this Land of the Dead has turned out to be a giant exclusionary instance. We shouldn’t have to fight in the old world to gain access to the new. This retarded premise of having to get new resources to fly there again is an awful plot line. Didn’t we have a whole live event that we did this in? How about this instead, everyone can fly there whenever they want. The whole zone already feels like it’s crafted to have amazing small group, wandering battles, but the mechanic inhibits this completely. If you look at the zone layout, it perfectly funnels both sides to last two PQs. Change the control system so we have to fight over the temple. Make those last two PQs be competitive, like so many of the Dwarf/Greenskin PQs you find in the early tiers. The first side to successfully complete the PQs gains access to the temple. After a short time period, say 15 minutes, the opposing side can do the PQs again to allow them to invade the enemy instances or let them do the dungeon for themselves. This would bring competition to the zone, and adhere to the concept of only one group at a time having access to the high end dungeon.

This may not be the optimal solution, but I think it would work better than the current system. Instead of inspiring PvP, this expansion has segregated off a large portion of the community from the enemy player base. It has completely shut-down PvP on low population server. I read an interview where a developer talked about the opportunities this brings for the underdog side to have the advantage in the tier 4 campaign. What he neglected to mention is that they’ll be beating on doors the entire time, and that when the underdog does get control of LotD, the tier 4 zones will be a wasteland. I don’t know, maybe this is just an issue for those of us on low population servers, but this has been awful for my morale in the game, and my desire to play. How’s it working out for you Dark Cragers, Ironrockers, Phoenix Throners, and you other high pop servers? Has this been a blow to your RvR? Has it worked out like you hoped it would? Let me know. Give me hope.


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13 Responses to The Day the Music Died

  1. Radishlaw says:

    Strange, on my server with low/low population – Darklands – RvR is increasing each day. Maybe they think as you guys do, they want to RvR instead of PvE, and don’t want the other side to go away to do PvE. What happens is both side are thinking the same thing, so they clashed…each day bigger than the last. As far as I can see RvR is approaching pre-1.3 levels – for a small server this isn’t much, but still encouraging.

    There is no reason to allow everyone into LotD – but I agree that they should have expanded the main tomb to be a single instance. But as far as I can see, this isn’t too bad either. When you have “one life” when control flips, your strategy is going to be vastly different – you no longer stack death to achieve your goal – you have just one chance (until it is flipped back), and you stay by hiding, excellent use of tactics, or arranging “healers” who go rez people died in any fight.

    I disagree with “We shouldn’t have to fight in the old world to gain access to the new.” This is, in my opinion, exactly what the devs intended, and my experience seems to indicate they may be right, for once. The main campaign is still the endgame of endgame, LotD is just a “distraction” from the main action where the rules are a bit different.

  2. Eyeball says:

    There is still lots of action on DC. Mostly because our population can support people in tier 4, and Lotd. It definitely has changed, but I see people coming out more to try to flip the last zone to get in, and the other trying to prevent it. The whole purging part has already lost its luster, and when you port in their no one is sticking around to defend it.

    I figure in another month LotD will be a ghost town except for sub 40’s to get powerleveled.

  3. theerivs says:

    LoTD is not the savior of WAR I hoped it to be.

  4. Chris says:

    I’m trying to power level my 31 Engineer right now in Lotd. I’m getting around 3000 xp per kill so it isn’t too bad. I did get some pretty good loot from pq’s. Over all it from what I have seen, it’s just a PQ zone with a dungeon attached. I havn’t seen any rvr yet out and about.

    • shadowwar says:

      And that’s the problem with it for me. For PvE, the zone is great, but any connection it has to RvR is tenuous at best.

  5. Krosuss says:

    I like your idea of meeting in the middle and competing in a PQ to see who gains access to the dungeon. Awesome idea!

    On Iron Rock it started as one faction gains access … the other is locked out so they flip zones to gain access … the purge happens … purged faction begins to flip zones to gain access … the purge happens … etc.

    RvR did screech to a halt. A week later things are picking up again in the T4 RvR zones mainly to prevent the other side from gaining access — or to delay access. Scenarios are beginning to pop again. I feel given time the new zone will be a nice sidebar to the regular campaign. There’s nice loot and crafting materials there, and the Tyrant set is far more attainable in the near term than Warlord for most players.

    Mythic does react fairly quickly to things and I’m sure there’s much discussion on the boards about the LOTD — not all positive. The back-and-forth zone flipping and RvE is not what was intended. Could this be a precursor to a third faction? I don’t want to debate who that would include but with a third pairing … while one group is playing in LOTD, the other two could be duking it out in T4.

  6. Snafzg says:

    The biggest difference between DF and LotD is that DAOC had three realms, which meant that the two losers could duke it out while the winner was inside pillaging the dungeon.

    DF was also a bit maze-like. There were three wings and the best PvE content was down in the middle areas. Groups had little places to hide or XP/gain loot even if another realm had control of the dungeon.

    Also, a lot of people would log off inside the dungeon and log back in a couple hours after it traded hands to jump the new owners. Finally, little of the content was geared for group sizes above 8. There were no roving warbands totally zerging PQs in DAOC. This basically meant people were roaming around in smaller groups in there, so you could have some truly epic battles.

  7. skarbd says:

    To not anticipate the zone flipping, given Mythic’s experience with what people will do in a quest to minimise real work, is Mythic once again being naive.

    Seriously what did Mythic expect. Step 1. Side A gets LotD. Step 2. Side A decamps to LotD. Step 3. Side B has unopposed access to Tier 4. Rinse and Repeat. I mean they said themselves that they expected the LotD to flip 2 times a night. They didn’t honestly expect people to hang around and defend their forts ?

    Hopefully with a bit of luck things will balance out in the upcoming weeks and people will no longer be interested in the shiney new toy and return to a more normal style of play. With LotD simply being a reward for tier control. For those who fancy a bit of PVE.

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  9. James says:

    Funny, we have the opposite problem on Magnus server.

    Destro caps LoTD, then caps it again and again and again, then Order caps it and Destro has nothing to do except cap empty BOs and keeps…

    Far too many empty keeps now, I sure wish there was 3 factions to this game!

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  11. Flimgoblin says:

    I think it depends on your server…

    This was the case on Karak Norn for about a week… one side in LotD, the other farming zones to get in…

    After a week or two now it’s now back to business as usual just with the side controlling LotD being a few warbands short of their usual strength.

    Had some fun guerilla fights in Lotd too…

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