Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

statisticsDespite the misleading title, I actually find statistics to be really interesting. The problem is usually that so many people have problems interpreting them correctly. That said, one of the most amazing sites dedicated to WAR has to be WARheap. This place is full of all the different types of breakdowns you could  hope for when trying to see what classes are most popular, or which realm. Want to break it down to active level 40s only? How about level 40s with renown rank 51-60? Sure. Oh, want to see comparisons of each sides RDPS archetype, knock yourself out. There really is a heap (pun completely intended) of info there for you to sort through, and to geek out to your hearts content on. I had a scare for a bit when I thought they were closing up shop, but luckily, a gaggle of protesters flooded the site with emails to demand he keep the doors open, and the numbers crunching. So he has. Give him some thanks (and some money if you can spare it). So here it is, my official thank you for running an awesome website!


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One Response to Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

  1. Eyeball says:

    I love that site. It seems to have some very useful statistics. I use Census alot, but it feels like I am the only one submitting data to the site, and when I get busy with my blog, and playing I can’t spend hours logging into each server and taking a census to keep that site up to date.

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