Why burn books?

nazi-book-burning-1933Holy crap.

Picked up this trail from one of my regular read blogs, Stylish Corpse.

How does any government not see that the intent for the laws they have is not actually being accurately, and appropriately met by the legislation they are enacting. Additionally, how can they not have a mature, 18+ rating for video games. Today’s world is full of video games. The adults of now grew up playing them. The video games have matured with us. This is commonly accepted by anyone even remotely tied into genre. Throw a stick at the community and you’ll likely hit a 30-something. Let us protect our children from things inappropriate for them, or that they don’t have the maturity to handle, but don’t stymie my enjoyment of selection because of it. Talk about an incredible failure on the point of some stupid committee’s bureaucracy.


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One Response to Why burn books?

  1. slurms says:

    Thanks for the redirect!

    What a bunch of crap.

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