“Meh”, about sums it up

meh_catSo, the live event for the Lands of the Dead release, and the patch for 1.3 came out yesterday. As the title of this post shows you, I’m not particularly impressed so far. I played for an hour or so on both my DoK and on my Shadow Warrior, and got a handful of the targets finished to earn my some check marks in the special tab for this. I have yet to do the PQ on either of them, as it apparently only starts once every hour (maybe I’ll be lucky enough to partake tonight). What can I say about this event and patch? Not much really.

The live event is pretty standard. Collect some stuff, kill some people, play a scenario. They brought back Reikland Factory, so if you’re a fan of that one, lucky you. I don’t care for it myself. It’s a scenario that doesn’t encourage actual fighting. It’s too big, the control points are too spread out, and there are far too many routes that meander like a drunken monkey throughout the entire map. Sure, there are some interesting tactical positions you can take, but for the most part, it’s just too convoluted of a set-up to be entertaining to me. I like good-ol’ fashioned fisticuffs. Give me Tor Anroc any-day, or bring back the tier 4 Nordenwatch. God, those were fun scenarios.

As to the patch itself, not much of note has been updated yet. The tooltips for our skills have been updated to better reflect what we actually do, no change in performance, just in the interface. Disciples and Warrior Priests got a hot-fixto reduce the regeneration for their mechanic pool provided by chalices/books. It’s a needed fix, but maybe not the best timing considering the AoE damage hasn’t been reduced yet as well. No matter what way you slice it though, those two classes should not be the premier back line, ranged healers. They need to be up in the mix, crushing faces, and cutting off limbs.

The best thing so far is that all my talismans have been upgraded, even the ones I have slotted. So, big bonus there. All my +16s are now +19s, and all the timers have been removed from anything that wasn’t slotted. I also got to double the number of purple fragments I had in my inventory, so those two purple 200 ballistic skill fragments I had are now four, that makes me pretty happy, especially with the chance to now make four +24 permanent talismans. That’s pretty amazing. People shouldn’t be surprised if a lot more stat caps get hit now. Considering the average person probably had +16s, will now be gaining +3 to 4 stat per talisman, that’s a total of about +21 to 28 more stat points per person. On the high end, people who were getting +20s were usually splitting their talismans into two stats. They’ll be going from +140 stats to +168 stats, and when you throw in the two slots per item that LotD is going to bring, that’s an even larger increase. This will play well if they ever introduce those stat changes they were talking about, so things will NEED to be more diversified, until then, expect a lot of min/maxing.

Anyway, I’m pretty “meh” about it all right now. Nothings bringing on that gut excitement, but on the same side, nothing is frustrating me. I’ll probably have a greater reaction once Land of the Dead actually opens up. See you then.

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2 Responses to “Meh”, about sums it up

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  2. skarbd says:

    I think it’s worth remembering that the real content of 1.3 isn’t available yet.

    Personally, I quite enjoyed the Live Event and I do like Reikland, though your point on the spread out of the control points is valid, neither the less they are close enough that you can quickly get to them. As a live event, it didn’t take that long to do, maybe 3/4 hours.

    The interface changes are welcome, but since they are not in your face they don’t immediately get recognised. Though I do wish that Mythic would change the maps and mini maps, to reflect the colour changes they instigated. They could make the mini and main maps so much more useful, when trying to find group members and leaders. Maybe that will come in 1.4.

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