Console Goodness

samus-aranThis. Seriously, orgasmic. I feel so strongly about Metroid that I want to get “I love Samus Aran!” tattooed on my chest. My wife needs to be very, very happy (or disappointed depending on her baby-hormones that day) that I never met this woman to the right. I would have done everything in my power to woo her, and convince her to by mine, and wear that outfit every day.

Metroid is one of those games that holds an iconic portion of my childhood. I remember playing it for the first time on my old Nintendo with my brother. The amazement at being able to roll into a ball and change the dynamic of the entire understanding of the game so quickly. And the music, even at 8 bits, was great for the setting. It was incredibly astounding to my childhood self what was being presented to me.

So here’s to you Team Ninja, your reputation is astounding, and that trailer made me change my pants. Live up to what I’m looking for, because the wrath of angry Metroid fans is harsh, and unforgiving!


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One Response to Console Goodness

  1. geekhype says:

    Woahwewewah! My wife needs to be happy, too 😉 Nice post!

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