Apparently, there was an error in the code. So please, feel free to use the decyphered answer I have displayed below to get your scarabs. Better hurry, that 1k will run out fast!

Oh, also, Rivs, our favorite Chosen, got a box of swag. And he doubted their love of his class.

And one of our last set of bones have been delivered I believe. Lagwar brings us the A, Z, and Q.

Will the owner of the “F” please stand up?

Hey, another blogger got some bones! Ysharros from Sylish Corpse got some lovin’ as well. She got the E, Y, L C, and N. We still have yet to see the “F” bone, but it’s nice to see the love go out to multiple places.

About Shadow
Making serious business out of internet spaceships.

2 Responses to Update!

  1. theerivs says:

    They probably saw my zealot alt. LOL!

  2. Ysharros says:

    The “F” bone…



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