WCP-Eye on you, pt 5

wcpilogovisual2It’s been a good while since I’ve last done one of these, over two months to be exact. It’s bee one part laziness, and another part sadness in my neglecting the community call outs like this. So many people have closed up shop, or are close to it. I can see a handful of blogs in my “Warhammer” section that are quickly approaching the one month mark of inactivity. On the other hand, there are some blogs that I knew about, but apparently neglected to include on my roll out of some obvious mental deficiency. So, I will try to highlight blogs that have been on my peripheral this entire time, or are just plain-out, brand new.

Doodz Wherez my Blog – Despite my twitching finger syndrome to properly punctuate his blog name every time I see it, this is a great blog. Quick easy entries (usually) that are a great insight into his gaming path. It covers the entire gamut of the game, from patches, ventrilo, and talking about specifics that have to with his apparent main. I’m also guessing the writer is European from his use of the metric system, but we’ll love him despite that.

Grimnir’s Grudge – Awesome stuff. Hilarious pictorials with fictional captions make me laugh. How I hadn’t had this on my blogroll for the longest time baffles me to the point of incoherent babbling and requiring a nurse-maid to wipe drool from my chin. Seriously, read it, it’s good. Ribbon armor…

Healer at Heart – Mostly, I’m just jealous of her page design. As an aside, why did I say she? I have no idea of the gender of the writer in most cases. Maybe it’s the picture of the baby dressed up like a bee in one post, and the twitter name of Draginfearie that screams female at me. If you’re a dude, I’m totally sorry. Anyway, been around a while, and has been blogging for a while too. We can’t ignore those who persevere damnit! (Edit: Confirmation, it is a female! I actually looked at the real name on her twitter page).

Nazgum’s Blog – Despite a recent bout with wrist problems, he seems to be back at it. His writing is top notch, and his topics are usually fairly insightful. He also has pointed out little treasure troves of unlocks and similar fun stuff in game the general populace may be unaware of. Hope you’re feeling better!

Portraits of WAR – An interesting alterno-blog. It’s more of a showpiece for artwork that is based around the Warhammer universe. The updates are not super frequent, but we all understand as art takes time. I really do like that he shows some of the progression of the artwork, from pencil/line work to fully inked.

Epic Slant – For whatever reason, the firewall around his page has been dropped from work. So join me in returning him to your “regular read” list. The lucky bastard just got the top of a skull sent to him, but since he’s a fellow Daemonhunter player, I’ll let it slide.

I’ll call it quits there, as that should give you plenty to read, and still not get fired from your place of business. Enjoy all, and thanks to all those bloggers!


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4 Responses to WCP-Eye on you, pt 5

  1. theerivs says:

    Some good shtuff right there. You get your Land of the Dead bones yet?

    • shadowwar says:

      There will be no bones for me, noone at Mythic has stalked me enough to get my mailing address. Though, I followed some links to throw my name in the hat for future stuff. So when the next blogger-blitz happens, maybe I’ll get lucky.

  2. theerivs says:

    Don’t feel bad, they have my address at Mythic, an marketing employee person contacted me, that was last year. Guess what? Nothing.

    They don’t like Chosen 😦

  3. Draginfaerie says:

    Thanks for the WCPI spotlight!

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