Hey, that’s what my nuts taste like!

kicked in the nutsPatch Notes: Combat & Careers

Unshakable Focus: This Morale ability has had its effect changed. It will now give you +100% critical hit chance for its duration.

Oh really?


As I said in my preview….

  • AoE damage is being reduced
  • Single target damage with high base values get more bonus from stat
  • Scout & Skirmisher lines both have ability improvements.

I’m having a hard time understanding how this is a bad thing… The worse thing you have to deal with is waiting the extra week or two for PTS phase 2 to begin for these items to be patched up.

Before you break out torches please A) read the post carefully B) Wait to test things

Shadow Warriors are not getting worse with this patch, thats for sure.


Good to know where we stand I guess.


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2 Responses to Hey, that’s what my nuts taste like!

  1. Radishlaw says:

    In one of the most recent dev post, they stated that change will be left out of 1.3 for now

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