Who’s your Daddy?

utlrasoundI said a while back that some upcoming changes would be affecting my gameplay.  Well, those changes are finally in stable enough condition to talk about it.

I may not be your daddy, but that 11 week fetus growing in my wife’s belly, I’ll be it’s daddy.

That’s right, I’m going to be a father. Try to hold the scream in if you’re in public.

This is a particularly bittersweet moment for my wife and I as we have been trying for quite a while, and after a failed pregnancy in October, we were both feeling as if our chances were poor, and worried about a repeat if it did happen again. However, we had an ultrasound just a few days back, and it’s all in the clear, there’s a head and arms, and leg-stubs (as the technician put it). The doctor told us that at this point, any risk has dropped dramatically.

I of course, am hoping for a bow-toting, blonde killing machine. My wife will just be happy with 10 toes, 10 fingers, and all the other healthy parts that are supposed to be there.

Note: Picture is not the ultrasound of my unborn, rather, some random image pulled from the web of a relative stage of pregnancy.


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9 Responses to Who’s your Daddy?

  1. Werit says:

    Congrats! We’ve been down a road similar to yours so I hope it works out for you too.

  2. Tyrhoor says:

    Congradulations man! Better get in all the MMO time you can my friend… becuase until that kid is 2 years old and grinding your characters for you- you’ll be one busy father.

  3. Castamere says:

    Congratulations are indeed in order. All my best to you and your missus and the future child to be.

    I disagree with Tyrhoor however. Start the kid young. Forget Dora the Explorer and go with Free Realms and perhaps graduate to a Wizard 101. By then I think you can supervise some Everquest and give them the freedom to learn some of the hardships in life by playing some Vanguard. Age of Conan can be used to explain the birds and the bees before you kick them out into the cold, unforgiving world by playing EVE. 🙂

  4. Slurms says:


    That is awesome news. As a father of two, I can say that you will never be the same, and you’ll watch things on TV that you would have scoffed at before. If you ever need any advice, let me know and i’ll ask my wife.

  5. shadowwar says:

    Haha, thank you all. I appreciate it. My wife is trying to deny the fact that I’ll be able to turn any child into a gaming nerd like Dad.

  6. Eyeball says:

    ewwww leg stubs…..

    ….sounds like you are having a baby Dwarf Ironbreaker.

  7. Syp says:

    Congrats — get ready for a rollercoaster!

  8. Earendur says:


    Ow wait… conngratulations!

    May your offspring prove tenfold toe- and fingerwise!

    Also: you’re never too young to start gaming.


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