The slow realization

This shit is hard!

I appreciate you letting us know though. I’m also sure that you guys can appreciate the massive backlash you’re going to recieve, particularly from the Shadow Warrior community. First it was, “RDPS changes will go in at phase 2 on the PTS!”. This followed by, “Oh, just kidding, SW and SH changes will be phase 3, along with the tanks.” And now the bomb of, “Oh, ummm, all changes are being put on hold, let me studiously not mention the archers of the game, and avoid saying anything tank related like the bubonic-fucking-plague.”

Inspiring confidence in your customers, you’re doing it wrong actually.

It’s not as if we didn’t expect this. Why would you try and do a complete re-balance of the classes while concurrently putting out an expansion and all the testing that involves as well? I appreciate the enthusiasm, but that just seems mildly retarded. Testing things require controls, the more variables you toss into any test, the less likely you are to get accurate results, and yet somehow Mythic thought that changing everything all at once would be good, solid ground to base results on. Poor decision making. I’m sticking with you Mythic, because it is a fun game, and there really isn’t any decent PvP game out there, but come on, get over this JV f-ups.


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6 Responses to The slow realization

  1. Grimnir says:

    I rolled a SW and found a couple higher level ones for my guild to talk to them about the issues they have. The only thing that I found to be a problem was how stances work (or rather don’t) giving you three rather uninfluential fighting styles, and a laughable gimp close-combat style. I kinda accepted that stances didn’t work, so I focused on one path at a time. This didn’t really make me play a whole lot different from any other character I have. Focus on one path, grab a goodie or two from one other path, and mostly use the damn bow. They’re STRONG PvP contenders, not-good solo against PvE mobs unless you can kite like a bastard, and dungeons are really tough if you draw aggro, so don’t.

    I’ve noticed a lot of people picking up a SW in the past weeks, and even though the cries of “lame gimp” have been rampant pretty much since launch, none of the newer SW’s have complaints. If anything they like the long-range power. As a class, compared to other ones, they’re not bad at all.

    On the other hand, SH’s definitely got the better end of the stick with pets. Those things are ridiculous, but the real mirror to the SW isn’t a goblin, it’s a Marauder. You’re the ranged variant, they’re the melee variant. SH is the mirror to WL. If you compare what you can do compared to a Mara you might be pleasantly surprised how much more damage and survivability you have. Squig Herders are not the class to compare yourself to, and they never were.

    • shadowwar says:

      It’s the difference between a functional mirror, and a mechanical mirror. Much like the SM and the BO share the same mechanic, functionally, the SM was supposed to be more similar to the BG. That said, the true problems inherit with the class become glaringly clear when you reach T4, and have to compete on the field. The stance mechanic is far more of a hinderance than you give credit. The fast-shifting field of battle requires us to be able to adapt to any situation that may arise, however, the tools we need for the situation is just as likely to be available to us as not. Two of the largest benefits squig herders have over the SW in terms of power is constant access to all their powers, and their increased skirmish range tactic. Shadow Warriors are locked out of half of their skills all the time, and instead get a shorter range on their skirmish abilities (a 53′ disparity on the far end). In regards to long range power (assuming you mean Scout spec), this does have the ability to do massive single target damage every minute or so. I’m sorry, but this does not equate to a well functioning class, being tied to a morale ability to perform at an acceptable level.

      We can be an asset on the field, this is true. Every decent player can make their class valuable out there. That said, the amount of work required to perform with this class to get the same level of return as some other career is far greater on the whole.

  2. Kash says:

    Check the forums. ALL class changes now on hold.

    It’s for the best. Too much changed at once.

    • shadowwar says:

      Yeah, this was more a knee-jerk reaction. Now that I’ve had significant time to think about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that testing an expansion + entire C&C revamp was just too much. The little bit that I did play on PTS was a mess. As pissed off as I am about them failing to stick to their word, I’m happier they’re going to the “get it right” path.

  3. yahookid says:

    Oh my god, 1 boy in NM,USA died and his sister is in serious condition after being diagnosed to have contracted with Bubonic Plague Bacteria.

    After the Swine Flu (AH1N1) virus, here comes another.

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