Cautiosly optomisitic in a sea of fear

debbie_downerThere are a whole lot of angry and fearful players of Shadow Warriors on the various forums. I can see their side in this very easily. We were told time and again that the second phase would have the RDPS changes for the game put in. Then Mythic drops the, “Just kidding!” bomb on us, and lets us know we have to wait for the THIRD phase of testing, along with the Squig Herders. The message that this delivers to the SW community isn’t that you’re taking the time to do it right, or that we need so few changes that it could wait till last, it’s that you left us till last because you seem to not know what to do. This problem is only going to get compounded by the fact that we will now have the shortest time to test any changes. An extra slap in the face is this “incentive” program to be get on the PTS and help out with the progression. What incentive does any SW player have to get on there right now, other than to help out someone ELSE test their character. Even that would be a poor decision, given that those tests would give incredibly skewed results.

So, what are we as SW supposed to do? I want to be as helpful as possible, and keep the Debbie Downer in me away from everyone as best I can, but the track record from Mythic and archers is a little iffy. The kicker to all this, is that if you read through the boards and posts, most of what the SW community has been asking for is pretty reasonable, and they have done a ton of number crunching to support their suggestions. The consistent lack of responses is destroying the soul of our players. To even find out that our changes had been pushed back to phase 3, we had to go to a forum OTHER than our own, and then the message was a RESPONSE to a thread. This is an announcement. It should have been found stickied at the top of the affecting classes forums on the official boards. How could no one have thought of this? Is there not a head developer for each class that has a stake in making it the best class possible? Hell, most guilds usually  have class officers, and that’s just to help people out with playing the class, something similar would be in place for the creation and balance I would think.

Still, I’m faning that flame of hope. I keep telling myself, that yes, we’ve been bent over in the timing department. We got shafted when Adam said, “What’s to worry? Phase 2 will have your guys changes!”. We get slapped every time we enter the stanceless state, and kicked in the nuts everytime I have to run into 45 foot range to skirmish instead of 98 feet (as an aside, why does someone who is an expert at shooting something, have to get closer to do better at it?).  Despite all these, I’m hoping that the longer QC really does mean greater amounts of changes. Mythic has been a company that waits till the last minute to tell you a change, and I keep praying that’s the reason behind all this, they just aren’t ready yet, but they will be soon.


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