Antiobiotics are a hell of a drug

Rick JamesI’m feeling ridiculously better. My “flu” started to feel like bronchitis. I was a smoker for almost eight years, so bronchitis was always one of those things I got a lot, and that’s not a cough you really forget. It’s a cough that originates  in the center of your chest (who’da thunk it, in the bronchi!), and it feels like it’s all just being pulled up into your throat with each cough. Well, the doctor said it wasn’t bronchitis, just an upper respiratory infection. So here’s some orth-something, take it twice a day, and when your mucous (such a gross word) is clear, you’re good to go back to work. Started to feel slightly better yesterday, and today, it’s clear! So back to work I am. I still feel drained, and like my head is going to explode, but at least I no longer want to eat a bullet.

Gaming-wise, I got some in, but mostly, I was sleeping. NyQuil and Sudafed induced spirit walks combined with a week-long steady rain helped lull this baby to more than 12 hours of sleep a day. While I was on, I played my Knight mostly. Karstaedt is now level 30 bitches! AoE grinding is proving to be even more fun now, All out Assault, On your Guard, and Stand Strong auras, then combine Shield Rush and Perseverance, and a dash of the Runefang tactic make a delicious meal of crazy parries, blocks, and reactive damage. Shit melts. I pull 7-10 mobs at 1-2 levels over me, and I walk out with about 10% health and a boat-load of experience. I survived a fight the other day with 144 hit points, it was damn fun. Yes, I said it, PvE in this game was fun.

I’ve also gone a little old school, and played a MUD for a bit from back in the day. Gemstone. It was always an amazing game, with a ridiculously complex combat system, and a rich world, full of life and character. It’s a game that can literally take years to reach the level cap. It holds a special place in my heart, always have always will. The company that makes it will probably be more well-known to the general gaming populace as the company who engineered the game engine behind the new Star Wars MMO, Star Wars:The Old Republic. It’s a great company, that had designs of creating their own MMO, but that has been pushed to the side with a sudden booming interesting in their game engine. They have always been a small company, that took it’s time to do things, and make sure they were done right. They have a hardcore dedicated fanbase that has been playing since the days of Genie.

In any matter, things will be picking up here shortly in the region of Warhammer. A new patch, and Lands of the Dead should provide plenty of fodder for me to go over for at least a day or two, and I’ll also be bringing you the obligatory tasty, tasty filler.


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2 Responses to Antiobiotics are a hell of a drug

  1. theerivs says:

    I use to love AOE grinding on my Chosen…I might do some just to make some money before LoTD

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