stalinYou know, there are a fair amount of blogs out there that I read somewhat regularly. I like to see other peoples opinions, make comments, get communication and dialog moving. When it comes to my own blog, I never exclude a post entirely unless it’s spam. I can think of only one instance where I’ve edited someones post (today actually) and that was because of possible violation of Mythic’s right to release content and not have that interfered with by “Leak” sights.

So, a few weeks back, I was doing my usual thing, checking some of the blogs on my blog-roll, when I came across this (before the ninja-edit italics at the bottom). I made a responding comment that was somewhat sarcastic about how us Americans are obviously jealous of all things European, and that there couldn’t possibly be any explanation for delayed delivery of products other than our hatred-fueled greed. I mean, it’s the same reasoning why Japanese products take forever to get to the West right? They hate us all, and are greedy bastards. Duh! Well, apparently the blogger didn’t like my comment, and rejected it.

So, to any of my fellow bloggers:

  • Do you delete comments for any reason other than spam?
  • Do you edit comments for any reasons?
  • If so, don’t you feel that this undermines the purpose of having a comments section?
  • If no to the above, please explain?

Personally, I don’t understand it. I see comments as a place for anyone who wants to tell me what they think the location to do so. The type of iron-fisted control that some people have over their blogs is surprising to me. It’s their blog, so obviously they can do whatever they damn well please  with it, but for me, I’m all about letting the people speak. Feel like I’m a giant moron and a fat, lazy American who sits around playing games all day, and has no real understanding of how they work? Let ‘er rip! Think I’m a god among men, and that my mere presence and existence in life has been a benefit to all who encounter me? Please, let me know, my ego rarely get’s stroked, and my wife tries to counteract that whenever she can.


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5 Responses to Hmmmm

  1. Eyeball says:

    I mostly only visit other blogs, and post comments. I am still building my blog, and I rarely have any comments, and visitors. I don’t plan on editing any, or deleting since I preview all my comments before they go live to prevent any haters from spamming my blog after I piss them of in-game or on the WHA forums which I tend to do.

  2. Kash says:

    Considering the personal nature of blogs I would expect a wide variation on what they do. Form flat out lies in articles to selective editing of comments.

    In the end you would hope the readers decide what they do/dont like.

  3. zizlak says:

    I never edit comments.
    I accept every comment were I see a connection to my post, but there are some comments I block because it just seems a subtle way of spam, i.e. presenting a link to a spam-site.
    If it’s not insulting or such every comment, be it positive or negative, will be shown.

  4. theerivs says:

    I allow all comments, besides spam. Not to long ago I had a comment battle. I welcome them. It’s fun.

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