Patch 1.3

winnerSo much stuff to go over.

I’ve already talked a little about sigils. – Major Win

A hotfix yesterday “lowered” the cost of token items. I use quotations because, yes, the officer medallion portion has been lowered on pretty much everything, but for everything above conqueror, it seems like the crest portion has been increased. –Major Fail

I’ll hit some highlights for me from the 1.3 notes.

  • Extra bag space for tradeskills, one at the initial train and one at each 100 skill for both your gathering and your crafting. These bags are only for items related to the tradeskill. – Crazy Win
  • AoE damage decreased across the board, mostly be the area. – Insane win
  • SW being included in the above. – Epic fail
  • Talisman making revamped, no more tier 10 curios, heavy reliance on the fragment for the outcome now. – Mega Win for salvagers (me!)
  • Talismans will now have a level requirement, goodbye twinkage. – Win
  • Multiple liniments have had their duration reduced. – Fail
  • Deadbolts for inner posterns. – Mother-fuckin’ win (Fuck you MDPS ninjas!)
  • Pass on PQ bags. – About time Win.

Overall, pretty good stuff. More wins than loses, but that’s how it should be. Still waiting for news of a serious Shadow Warrior revamp. It hurts when I play my DoK and people in my alliance jokingly refer to SW as “free-RP”. On a related note, I’ve been playing the hell out of my Knight. It’s been crazy fun.


I want to throw up a link for the specifics of what is being talked about for Shadow Warriors with 1.3. So here it is. On a quick glance, it seems like a it’s a break even maybe. I’m not sure yet. Need time to think on it.


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