Master Gnost-Dural Speaks again

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I love the stories and simple animations being released by Bioware for this game. This tail of Hylo Viz, and her greed-motivated salvation of the Republic is an interesting tail. It probably also shows that smugglers are going to be an in game class. It seems to me that Bioware is doing a great job so far of remaining calmly confident in the product they are producing.

They don’t have the in-your face enthusiasm and exuberance that Paul and crew brought to WAR, but there’s a surety in the content they have released, and in the interviews with the people working on the game. Instead of a group of excited youngsters doing something their first time around, I get a sense of a master craftsman who lets his work stand on it’s own merits. This is a bit odd considering the position of the two companies. Mythic has obviously been in the MMO genre for much longer than Bioware, and hell, even longer in the gaming industry if my memory serves me. Neither presentation is wrong really, just different.

Anyway, I’m getting rambly. It’s looking to be a great game, and I can’t wait to see more of it.


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