More good news

I keep reading all sorts of goodness out of this Games Day Baltimore. This tidbit makes me particularly happy since they specifically mentioned the Shadow Warriors. It seems like we’ll get some minor tweaks with everyone else, and then maybe some seriously focused attention. I’m just tickled that a developer has officially responded to the concerns of the Shadow Warrior community. It’s happened before, but was immediately followed by someone discounting the sentiment with a phrase along the lines of, “That person is not on the class balance team, their opinion is only their own, and does not reflect or indicate the concerns of that team.”

Also, upgraded keeps giving greater loot than before? Thank you! When keeps started being more difficult to capture than fortresses because it’s rank 10, the work needs to be rewarded. Those things truly are beasts to get into. Also, complete swapping out of old keeps for new keeps once more ramps have been installed! This makes my heart go pitter-patter with joy, now if we can just instruct all the cowards who are scared of virtual death to go up one ramp, while the rest of us that want to push can go up the other, things will be A-OK.


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2 Responses to More good news

  1. Eyeball says:

    Two ramps don’t mean anything these days with MDPS ninja’s.

    • shadowwar says:

      Ahh, but two ramps, and combine that with the new “Deadbolt” upgrade and it’s a great balance.

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