Holy shit, sigils!

Go here.

Pay particular attention to the stuff about wards and the new sigil system.

Wards seperated from armor? That’s got to be some of the best god-damn news I’ve heard in a while.

This should help with people forgetting to swap out to ward gear, or maybe even the gear bug that made wards on your armor stop working.

Goodness I see here.


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2 Responses to Holy shit, sigils!

  1. Eyeball says:

    Yes sigils kind of sound like tokens in WoW to get your wards. I have most of my wards gear for my renown level so it won’t mean to much to this character, but it will be nice for any alts in the future.

  2. shadowwar says:

    Exactly what I was thinking. My DoK I play on occasion and the Knight I’m leveling up will have an easier time experience content because of the sigil system. However, it should be pointed out that the sigil system is different in a number of ways from the token system in WoW (at least, my experience with it). There are no physical objects you get that you turn in to some NPC for the sigil. If you get the armor piece that carries the ward, your character has that ward permanently attached to them. There are ancillary ways to get them as well, whether through quests or killing a certain mob a predetermined number of times. There is nothing to trade in here, and no commodity gained from the sigil itself, other than the ability to freely wear whatever you want. From everything I can see, it’s a totally different beast than a token system.

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