Luck-based Encounters

diceThey’re terrible for the player, and it’s just lazy design.

Let me start from the beginning.

Last night was the third night for my LV “group”. I quote group because realy, it’s our base two tanks, and two dps, but two substitute healers. Still, the first night we wipe out the first and second wings with relative ease, only a couple of wipes. The next night we cleared all the middle wing except N’kari, without much trouble except on the last boss we fought (one of the healers can’t start till about 9pm EST, which doesn’t give us much time). It’s understandable in a group like this when you wipe a couple times. The two healers are new to the place, not familiar with the group dynamic and play style/pace of the group. I can tell they’re good healers though and know what to do, and how to do it, and they understand their classes quite well.

So, last night we get to N’kari (after Comcast crashed me out three times and forced me to run back, F-you Comcast). We explain the fight and get to the deed.

We wipe (expected).

We regroup, and go at it again, and wipe again (expected).

Third time around all the healers have a good feel for the fight, and what everyone has to do that’s vitally important, and where to position themselves. We all have a good feeling for this time around. We kill the little wenches and the battle commences. First wave of mobs come through and we’ve got her down to about 50% after those are gone. By the time the second set of orbs drop, she’s down to about 30%. I see the purple, and get the fuck away from it, our tank sees it, and runs after it. So of course, somehow I pick it up. Wipe (damn buggy encounter).

Round four: N’kari throws up a healer in the air, and places a purple pool right underneath where she drops him (MT calls his death mid-air). Healer dies. Wipe (fuckin’ luck).

Round five: N’kari crits multiple times in a row and throws the tank in the air and puts a purple pool under him. Wipe (mother-fuckin’ luck).

Round six: The Swordmaster using a two-hander gets stuck with the purple orb, and gets hit for 17k in two hits. Wipe (piece of shit, buggy-ass game).

Round seven: The wenches get stuck in the ground, and we can’t kill them to spawn her. Instance reset (god-damn worthless fucking glitches, L2program!).

Round eight: N’kari throws a healer in the air, then ignores threat tables and hits said healer.  Wipe (bullshit luck/pathetic programing).

Round nine: Healer lets herself get surrounded by a mass of purple pools. Wipe (bad positioning on our part).

We gave up. The whole point to listing out all of that was to highlight that the majority of those fights, we did everything right. This fight requires that all the stars align for the players, and even if they do everything right, there’s still a very good chance that they will fail. Encounters where threat tables can be ignored on a whim, and people killed with having no chance to do anything about it just frustrates the player. It isn’t challenging, it’s annoying. The person who created this fight decided to use random elements that hit incredibly hard and can’t be avoided, instead of using some type of intelligent interaction. Throw into this the insane amount of bugs and glitches this whole fight has, and it’s more impressive that people ever kill her at all. Shit like this just pisses me off. I’m starting to join the crowd of players who think this game has too many bugs for being 7 months out now. Complete bullshit.


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5 Responses to Luck-based Encounters

  1. Snafzg says:

    Cheer up, bub! At least you weren’t pwned by bad luck again when the boss dropped two pieces of BoP gear no-one in your group could use! 😛

  2. Kash says:

    LOL Snafzg

    When you guys get more comfortable with the fight you can usually recover from bad luck not involving a healer.

    I assume many your wipes were actually just resets. When someone important dies jsut have everyone except the MT bolt out of the room. She will reset easily. Its not perfect but it helps ease the pain of the randomness 🙂

  3. shadowwar says:

    Yeah, I really just meant reset in most of those. With our “core” group, we can usually still pull it off if the OT or one of the DPS die, but with two new healers, we needed every body on board.

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  5. gaarawarr says:

    While it does have a lot of luck to it, there are also a lot of manageable elements in it. Think about how hard this encounter is for someone that has no clue what is going on or what is even manageable. I know the first time I ever made it to N’Kari, we spent 4 1/2 hours just on her. The first 3.45 were spent completely figuring out the mechanic and the best ways to handle it along with lots of bad luck. We took a half hour break, walked in, downed her in the next shot. Sometimes you just need to walk away and come back later. However, 9 resets seems small to me. hehe. Like the end-game, N’Kari takes a lot of patience.

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