Delay of the Inevitable?

shadowbaneWell, read this.

It seems like player enthusiasm is keeping the game open for another two months at least. What keeps a game like this running? As far as I’m aware, there is no RMT in it, and it’s completley free to download and play. Good will from the game company? By the way, it’s Ubisoft in case you didn’t know. The more of their games I play, the more I become impressed with them, and their doing this just gives them more brownie points in my book. Either way, I’m happy for all of the games players that they get at least a little more time with the game they love.


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3 Responses to Delay of the Inevitable?

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  2. Grimnir says:

    Shadowbane has been free for a while now. I stopped playing it last year sometime. You might be a bit disappointed. The game is infested with huge asian zerg guilds.

  3. Slurm says:

    I think it was an Asian gang or something!

    (sorry, had to quote cable guy after reading that Grim)

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