New heights of Nerddom

So, yes, I’ve reached a new height of infatuation with the game, as well as gone the extra nerd mile, in my nerd-mobile, while playing my nerd-horn.

I’ve made a PvP video. You can find it below.

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7 Responses to New heights of Nerddom

  1. Xerb says:

    Nice video. I always enjoy seeing how other people run their Shadow Warriors. Are you specced Assualt then? I will try and get your video up on my media page over at WAR Underground.


  2. shadowwar says:

    I’m full skirmish with the leftovers in assault. I run in assault almost all the time since 5% crit and a smidge of toughness isn’t even close to worth it in comparison. The only time I swap is when I’m up against a caster 1v1, and even then, I don’t all the time.

  3. Xerb says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of going full assault with leftovers in skirmish and see how that works. My survivability is much greater in my assault stance with the 100% increase in AC. I have also been thinking of droping a bit of my balistic and increasing my toughness for survivability since my running bow shot is limited to 60 ft and it seems just inside the swing of chaos and marauder attacks.

    I love my SW, but it is a challenge sometimes to be a contender, especially solo. You make it look easy in your video. For instance, I came across a Squidherder inside our warcamp last night (near our flight master and taking no agro from NPCs? Too many bugs in this game!) and unleashed my rapid fire and three skirmish dots before I was promptly disarmed. By the time the disarm wore off I was dead. Made me pretty angry.

  4. Xerb says:

    Oh, by the way. What tactics do you run with in RVR?

  5. shadowwar says:

    First, thank you for the compliment. And yeah, I stay away from MOST melee when I can. Choppas are special because most of them are FoTM face rollers who don’t know how to break snares, charge, pull, etc… they just spam one key and hope it kills you.

    In ORvR I’m usually running with Expert Skirmisher, Steady Aim, Charge Forth, and Split Arrows. Like I said, I usually run in assault stance unless I know I’m going up against a caster, and then I swap to skirmish. Weapon Skill isn’t needed when my target has almost no armor, and my armor does jack to help with spells. I almost never use Rapid Fire, I’m not sure how much you read up, but it’s currently insanely bugged. If you move after the channeling is done, and the arrows haven’t struck the target yet, the in-flight arrows will never do their damage. Just one more awesome bug that ties in with arrows and flight time!

  6. Snafzg says:

    Sweet video! What visual UI mods are you running? All the HUD elements look very nice.

    I really should run FRAPS more often. A friend of mine has a worse computer with a worse video card but for some reason he runs the game better than I can. 😛

  7. shadowwar says:

    Thank you as well for your comments, and yeah, FRAPS destroys playability sometimes. You can see major hitching in my video against the SH in KV with all the trees and hills.

    Umm, lets see. for the HUD stuff, I’m running Pure, Squared, Warhammer Scrolling Combat Text, and Group Icons, MOTH, Phantom to turn off stuff I don’t want, and that’s it for the visual stuff. I used NAMBLA before and it was great, but it was causing problems. I also run Queue Queuer, JunkDump, Dammaz Kron, AutoDismount, nRarity, Precious, and then class specific Add-ons like PlanB and Twister.

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