What’s up DoK?

dr-bugsSo, as I said a while back, I played my DoK and I liked it. I was toying with my Blackguard, and trying to get some fun out of him instead, which, now that I think back, I’m not really sure why. I realized I like my Disciple, but chose to play a different character instead. Yeah, I baffle myself at times. Sometimes, I think someone else is controlling my brain, I analyze a situation, see what would lead to a better result, and choose something else anyway. It’s as if some masochistic drive to be unhappy is pushing me away from my Disciple. What force could possibly be strong enough to deter a strong-willed and headstrong individual such as myself?

Stupidity. Only answer I got.

In any matter, I’ve decided to take a far less monogamous approach to this Kahla, and to gaming in general. My intents for WAR as it stands currently, is to play my Shadow Warrior approximately, whenever I feel like it (and for my LV group). I’ll play Ezekeil, my Disciple of Khaine, about… whenever the mood hits me. I played for about 45 minutes of each yesterday, and it was kind of nice to just jump in, do some stuff, and jump out. I did a lot of non-gaming activities yesterday, and it was a nice change of pace.

I sat in our new comfy-chair, with my feat resting on the the matching paisley audemen, flipping through the last one-hundred pages of The Subtle Knife. Enjoying the warm atmosphere of our newly re-done study. Having some built-in bookshelves installed, and throwing some paint on the walls completely changed the atmosphere of the room. Once I polished off the book (damn good read by the way), I cracked open the wife’s laptop and watched the latest episode of “Chuck”. It’s a purely a non-cerebral show, but after the read I just had, it was needed. It was nice to not feel like I had to play. I’ve been noticing this feeling a lot lately, and it has been causing me to play more than I probably should be. I’ve been playing like I was still a bachelor, and that’s something I haven’t been for over two years.

Anyway, all this has probably been spurred by a possible change in my life, but it’s not something I can discuss at this moment, as it could affect the outcome, and I don’t want to chance it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to talk about it more succinctly in the near future.

As a summation, because last time, my post got crazy misunderstood: I still love WAR, I am not quitting. I am taking a more casual approach, and may even play another game concurrently with it (EQ2, or try out AoC). The blog is staying.

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