Meme mood

memesDon’t know why, but I’m feeling very much like filling out questionaires and do random, non-serious blog stuff today.  You can thank Syp for this one.

First MMO Played?

Non-MUD? Ultima Online

First Character Class/Role Played?

Ultima Online was skill based, and I was going for a heavily armored knight-type of role.

First MMO Subscribed For More Than A Consecutive Year?


First MMO You Fell In Love With?


First Guild You Really Felt Attached To?

Iconoclast in EQ2. I left because I felt frustrated with my class, and guild progression, and I publicly talked to another guild about joining them, but decided against it, and quit the game altogether for the most part. I tried to keep in touch with some of the members, and would re-sub for a month or two at a time around xpacs and what not, but one of the officers of the guild (who quit well before I did), mocked me on the forums after I told them about getting laid-off 10 days after my wedding, probably one of the least classy things I have ever seen anyone do on the internet. Tanek, if you’re out there ever, and you read this, I’m talking to you.

First Character/Game You Leveled To End Cap?

Maybe “Loupine” in SWG? Again, was skill based, so was a bit difficult to determine, but I had mastered multiple skills and was having to un-learn things to finish new careers, so I guess that counts. As for a hard “level” cap, would be Rrin in EQ2, at 50, and 60. Then Lope in EQ2 to 60, and 70. Rrin to 70. Lope to 80. That’s the order as expansions came down the pipes.

First “Wow” Moment In A MMO?

Plopping down a house in UO, and being able to know that I had a piece of virtual land, at the age of 14 (I think that’s how old I was).

First MMO You Burned Out On?

EQ2, see above.

First MMO You Followed Avidly Prior To Launch?

WAR, I was aware of most other games prior to launch, but WAR was a serious love of mine. I think my join date on Warhammer Alliance is November 2006? I was following it before then, but didn’t feel the need to join any message boards until that time.

First Time You Felt Truly Noobish In A MMO?

Other than UO, EvE. Most MMOs I haven’t had real trouble figuring anything out, or really feeling like I just made a huge mistake that noone else would have made. EvE is a different beast, I feel mentally assaulted when I try to figure that game out.

First MMO You Went Alt-Crazy In?

City of Heroes. That game just DEMANDS alts out of you.

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One Response to Meme mood

  1. Sshado says:

    I just want to say.. Star Wars Galaxies FTW! I miss that game with a nostalgia that no other MMO has ever brought out in me. It’s too bad they had to go and make that combat update, or I would have rejoined ages ago. I’m currently looking in to joining a very popular pre-update private server that’s bent on reviving the OLD Star Wars Galaxies. ^^.

    Great Blog BTW. /Bookmark.

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