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listThere was a thread on my home server’s forum over at Warhammer Alliance that was actually an interesting topic (you can read it here). The whole point of the topic was to list the 24 classes in order. The order of why is determined by the person making the list. Some people are posting in order of most successful in RvR, some as the most fun, others as most desirable. As the original poster of the thread stated, the order of the list, and reason for the order shows a lot about the player, and how you approach the game. I’d love to see all the bloggers out there throw up their list of 24, below you will find mine. I chose to base mine on how much fun I perceive each class to be. Hope to see you all have a go at it!

1 – Shadow Warrior
2 – Disciple of Khaine
3 – Warrior Priest
4 – Swordmaster
5 – Knight of the Blazing Sun
6 – Chosen
7 – Marauder
8 – White Lion
9 – Witch Hunter
10 – Witch Elf
11 – Blackguard
12 – Engineer

I haven’t played any of the others, at all. Thought I would imagine this is how they would round out the list of fun for me:

13 – Squig Herder
14 – Sorceress
15 – Bright Wizard
16 – Black Orc
17 – Magus
18 – Choppa
19 – Slayer
20 – Shaman
21 – Iron Breaker
22 – Zealot
23 – Archmage
24 – Rune Priest

I’d like to see what Rivs and Natali have to say about this (to help get this going).

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